AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Review: Thermals, Noise, Gaming, & Broken Drivers

AMD’s Radeon group can’t seem to learn from its past mistakes and has launched yet another product with broken drivers. This is our benchmark of the AMD RX 5700 XT.
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Article: Pending later publication due to video deadlines, but same test methodology as defined in RTX Super review from last week
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In this video, we’re reviewing and benchmarking the new AMD RX 5700 XT Navi GPU. The RX 5700 XT is most directly compared versus the NVIDIA RTX 2070, 2060 Super, and 2070 Super cards, falling between all 3 in price. We’ll review the AMD RX 5700 separately. The 5700 XT has gone through our bench for thermals, frequency, noise, broken drivers (again), and build quality, the last of which will be looked at in a separate video.

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Host, Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Video: Josh Svoboda, Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman
Quality Control: Keegan Gallick, Steve Burke


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0 thoughts on “AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Review: Thermals, Noise, Gaming, & Broken Drivers”

  1. It's like the radeon 7 all over again but they did fix that pretty quick, my card runs the best at 1095mv boost over 2000 lots of times staying between 1900-2050 for the most part we get fluctuations but nothing as bad as the 7.

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