AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Review: Thermals, Noise, Gaming, & Broken Drivers

AMD’s Radeon group can’t seem to learn from its past mistakes and has launched yet another product with broken drivers. This is our benchmark of the AMD RX 5700 XT.
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Article: Pending later publication due to video deadlines, but same test methodology as defined in RTX Super review from last week
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In this video, we’re reviewing and benchmarking the new AMD RX 5700 XT Navi GPU. The RX 5700 XT is most directly compared versus the NVIDIA RTX 2070, 2060 Super, and 2070 Super cards, falling between all 3 in price. We’ll review the AMD RX 5700 separately. The 5700 XT has gone through our bench for thermals, frequency, noise, broken drivers (again), and build quality, the last of which will be looked at in a separate video.

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Host, Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Video: Josh Svoboda, Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman
Quality Control: Keegan Gallick, Steve Burke


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0 thoughts on “AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Review: Thermals, Noise, Gaming, & Broken Drivers

  1. Check out the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 review here!
    Grab a GN Toolkit, shirt, or mat here:
    And finally, the article for this one will go up later. Need to sleep a bit first. The 3600 article is up, though!

  2. Great content, super! Dude plz… speak slower or less "scrambled". I'm sure native speakers can understand ya, but sometimes I couldn't get you

  3. Which alternative would you suggest in place of Radeon RX 5700 XT, or can i use Nvidia graphic for an ASUS motherboard?

  4. Hey man ,would be so kind and tell me what camera you used to film this video? I'm trying to start a channel but I've unabled to find a camera like yours. Also, are you using a professional microphone? Please let me know. Thanks in advanced.

  5. I was honestly considering purchasing shares of AMD stock until I saw this cooler design. Overall, we are seeing some seriously competitive CPUs and GPUs from AMD. But any company that lets such a travesty of a cooler go into production has lost my faith.

  6. “If you don’t like the numbers, you invent new ones”. Lol yeah pretty much….

    This was one of those times when it seemed like AMD could do no wrong (not to everyone, but they TRULY made use of the term WINNING!, and then here comes “GAME CACHE”, and “GAME CLOCK…..

    In lieu of song, I convey my feelings on this via emoji abuse(SPAM). 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. 🤨🤨🤨. 😒😒😒. 😡😡. 😶. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  7. Please revisist this review now and give us a comparison of stock performance vs radical oc that some of us aren't interested in.

  8. Yikes Thats too hot, too bad i like this card and its cheap here in my country about USD470(and its a reference design, imagine if its a aftermarket design it might go USD 500+) same price with a msi rtx 2060 super OC even if i did buy it it will mosty run hotter since its a tropical country…to bad

  9. That power consumption difference matters to my little itx build. Plus the noise difference is a big deal to me. Add in the driver problems to those 2 things and it's an easy no go for me.

  10. Summary: Everything in the GPU space right now is a crushing letdown and I’ll be hanging on to my 1070ti for at least another 3 years. A used 1080ti? Sure, but you never know how close it is to being burned out and money doesn’t grow on trees.

  11. The problem I see with the complaints about the reference cooler the only aib price Ive seen so far they start at £430 that's a £65 premium and to me that £65 changes the game completely youre now much closer to a 2070S so the price/performance gains are out of the window and you might as well get a 2070S.

    I've also seen WILDLY different claims about temps/noise with these cards no idea who to believe 🤣

  12. Good graphics card. This review is very exaggerated! Especially end part, with screens of broken image, WTF is it actually fair?

  13. Drivers are still broken as shit as of 19.7.5.

    I've had to down clock the boost to 2Ghz and set the MV to 1080mv. Set fan curve to a nice 15% boost. Finally achieve stability and can game for a couple of hours until the sensor monitoring randomly crashes and the card nukes itself into a shutdown.

  14. I can RMA my normal 2060 to the reseller and can get a 5700xt instead for free. Heard the 5700xt is loud and can run super hot. Would you trade it in or keep the 2060?

  15. Could you do a video about aftermarket air cooling solutions, like arctic cooling twin/xtreme,etc?

    arctic cooling confirms compatibility for 5700xt

  16. I have a 5700 XT and I updated my mother board to AMD AGESA Combo-AM4 and used DDU to clean drivers and everything works great, no heating problems.

  17. His monotone voice within such long videos, and constantly naming the full name/title of the card as well, just makes everything to go through my ears without gaining any knowledge, especially when he is doing it fast. It's hard to listen to this guy :/

  18. Those power draw graphs were something I hadn't seen very often.
    Good to see it though, helps in knowing the true power draw of the cards you showed.

  19. Everyone that buys computer parts and assembles computers watches review videos … will away least 95% watch videos before they just buy products. … amd and the marketing system is going to put Intel back in it. Do to lying about clock speed, locking processor heat limits away 75c, locking graphics cards clocks so they can release identical cards in three months with more click speed. Disgusts me. How to win, read amd, release cards at maximum potential. And slowly work on your next product line up in a couple years. Maybe three years. No one cares, we're just want products that work well. The 1080 ti for fuck sake beats your 5700 xt. HOWEVER people unlocked your power limit abs beat the 1080 ti. Your a bunch of dishonest pieces of shit just like nvidia. Your not fooling anyone. My 2700x performs just add well or within 5% of your new lineup. I have 3200 mhz ram 14cl timings. Come on… al the bench mark tests I watch are with 3200 cl 16-18-18 garbage ass ram kits. No fucking shit your going to win. Oh ya, you locked your ram speed at 1800 mhz on your new 3000 processors. Even though it will support 4266 ram. Hmm I wonder why you did that. Wait I know, so you can release a processor next year identical to what's out now with unlocked processor speed unlocked memory support. I fucking hate all of you.

  20. Help y'all. Yesterday i finished my AMD build with ryzen 5 3600 and the rx 5700XT but everytime i want to start up gta 5, i hear an error sound and the screen freezes. When i hit ctrl+alt+del and click on taskmanager my screen turns black and my whole system is unuseable. Since i have a b450 tomahawk, i can't connect the restart button otherwise it won't post. So the only way to get the pc running again is to force shutdown and restart the pc. But the whole proces repeats when i restart GTA. Is there any solution to get this fixed? What should i do. Because i basically can't game and test games with this thing. Also i noticed with cinebench R15 that the performance of the 3600 is significantly less compared to a 3600 on a x570 board, like 200-220 points less, same thing with the 5700XT it actually runs worse then an rx 580 by like 11 fps. What the hell is wrong and what can i do. Because i'm at the point of returning these components and go back to intel and nvidia again. This is my first all AMD build, and i'm not pleased by the performance yet. Help me please

  21. It's like the radeon 7 all over again but they did fix that pretty quick, my card runs the best at 1095mv boost over 2000 lots of times staying between 1900-2050 for the most part we get fluctuations but nothing as bad as the 7.

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