An Honest Review Of The F1 2019 Game

What is the F1 2019 game like? How much of an improvement has been made since last year?

We take a look at the brand new F1 game from Codemasters and give an F1 fans perspective of what it is like to play.

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0 thoughts on “An Honest Review Of The F1 2019 Game”

  1. I figured it wasn't gonna change much. The same teams, the same tracks. Sure, different drivers but do you really notice in a game like this? Next year we're getting Zandvoort and Vietnam in the game, which makes it more different from 2018, and in 2021 the new regulations come in which will likely shake up the game again, so at least those are changes to F1 2018. F1 2019 does too little different and the bits it does do different it doesn't go all out. Next year will probably be better

  2. I think the driver transfers are cool because it’s a stepping stone to what’s to come, because in 2020 drivers could retire and then F2 drivers would come in to replace them

  3. U mad? if the gameplay and driving on this game gets 8/10, what racing games are you playing?? no other racing games come even close. Could you not count and think 8 was the maximum? PS, least u get your FP2 stuff now in update approaching.

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