An Honest Review Of The F1 2019 Game

What is the F1 2019 game like? How much of an improvement has been made since last year?

We take a look at the brand new F1 game from Codemasters and give an F1 fans perspective of what it is like to play.

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0 thoughts on “An Honest Review Of The F1 2019 Game”

  1. I do not care about the story element, just make the game fun to play and last long enough to get my money's worth. I do not want hours worth of fast action I want days of it.

  2. I would like it to be more of a journey like Karting to F3 to F2 to F1
    Commentary during qualifying race
    More strategy options
    More communication with Jeff
    More Game modes like Demolition Derby or a motorsport manger like thing
    Bigger deal at he end of a season
    Different practice programmes per season to make it less tiring
    And maybe a Pro Am series like Fortnite
    Forza Horizon 4 story like your lifestyle, houses and more customisation

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