23 thoughts on “Astral Chain Review”

  1. Why did it take so long for the switch to go full force? The first 6 months had a boring Mario port and a mediocre yoshi game, and now they have Mario maker, fire emblem, astral chain, and then to come they have links awakening, the Switch Lite, Luigi’s mansion 3, and then Pokémon, and there will probably be more games revealed in a September direct, and not to mention the indies and third parties like a hat in time and… I’m not following any indies. But the second half of this year has been phenomenal. Nintendo won 2019, just like they did 2017, if the pattern keeps going then I assume next year will be REALLY slow, but animal crossing is coming in March and that’s enough to last me 2 centuries.

  2. Everyone saying “Nintendo killing my wallet”. Why don’t you do what I do? Wait 6 months and get all these games used for half the price. This game looks cool, but something about it has me weary. I hope it’s not a “go to set piece, fight enemies, look for clues, rinse and repeat”

  3. Horribly undecided as to whether i'm going to buy this or not. I love hack n slash but I am not a hardcore gamer that likes high difficulty and dying over and over. I only like hack n slash when it is button mashy (opposite of "true" gamers I guess). Platinum games claims there's an easier difficulty that "let's the player just enjoy the story". Yet all the reviews say there is strategy and tactics involved and you can't just mash buttons. Well which is it?

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