Avengers Endgame Review

Avengers Endgame Review, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Avengers Endgame Ending and Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs and Breakdown soon! ►
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Avengers Endgame Review, covering the Original Avengers arcs, TOP 5 Marvel Movies Ranked, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow. And Avengers Endgame Ending as an end for the Marvel Infinity Saga of Movies. I’ll be doing more Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs this weekend!

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0 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame Review

  1. Here's my Full *Avengers Endgame Review*, it was a huge movie, so I'll be doing Easter Eggs and more videos this weekend. Be sure to go see it and leave all your questions in the comments for videos you want me to make. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 this weekend too!

  2. Nat was the one who told Cap he should get a life. Not Tony. Also, I think the endings for both Cap and Tony were perfect! I really can’t think of a better end to their arcs.

  3. Well Peter See's Glamora again, then gets hits in the nuts. But what happens to her in the end of the movie. I didn't see her die again? She should of been on the ship again at the end, but she wasn't…

  4. i hated the ending.. made my stomach hurt as well as my heart… hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it

  5. I didn't like the movie too much. A lot of Arc closing hidden behind a weak "mission" sub plot inevitably ending in a rematch that everyone wanted to see but with thor out of shape and the hulk as an intellectual and the forced woman power scene was just over the top for me. Couldn't they have had their own scenes instead of lumping them all together. 6.5/10

  6. I’m sorry but captain marvel isn’t needed in this movie just NO especially how they trying to do just girls squad when they fight like shut up

  7. The one they didn’t answer was the Thor character from the past lost his hammer to the fat Thor. He would be like “WTF” when he calls for his hammer and it is in a different reality.

  8. my question is , when they went back to New York how was Tony stark connected to friday, wnt Jarvis have picked up the signals n warned the other Tony stark that someone else was in the network like nebula

  9. Infinity war: Don't expect a typical happy ending. Just prepare to be wowed.

    Endgame: Epic, best superhero movie of all time…

    Area 51 raid: Breathtaking…

  10. Not to criticise , but when I reviewed the movie, I found a very small continuity error in the movie. In the final battle, when Cap, tony and Thor were fighting Thanos. In this scene, when Thanos was beating Thor to pulp, Thor summons the stormbreaker but Thanos grabs hold of it and tries to drive the blade to Thor's chest. Cap summons mjolnir and hits Thanos with it, saving Thor. But after being hit by Mjolnir, when Thanos turns back to cap, in his hand is the double sword, not storm breaker. Just a few frames ago Thor , when attacked Thanos with storm breaker he disarmed Thanos of that sword and it was thrown away along with his stormbreaker. So this scene has a small lacuna. Instead of stormbreaker, the graphics or the props team had put the sword, which was not in his hand. I hope now that the digital version is available , we can review frame by frame. Regards. Happy viewing.

  11. Absolutely loved this movie,,,, but didn’t like hulk being played soft. It was ok but didn’t get me hyped, And absolutely hated the Captain America ending. That sucked so bad.
    The movie was awesome tho !!
    Oh ya. And the pussyfication Of Thor. Not cool. Funny but not cool

  12. I teared up more when Doctor Strange teleported everybody out of his portals than that one Iron Man scene. It was just so beautiful 😭

  13. I'm just gonna say, I predicted that Iron Man will die and Captain America will take a break from being a hero, and little did I fucking know that's pretty much exactly what happened

  14. My true opinion: I love it and it ranks number 1 with Iron Man as favorite MCU films and one of my favorite movies I've ever had the privilege of watching. Every moment I loved and I loved the different styles of the 3 acts how the 1st act was all drama and dialogue, 2nd act was classic time travel and 3rd was like Infinity War. I personally found it a big problem for me with Infinity War because while it's great it's fairly straight forward and I like Endgame's tone shifts and it will go down for me as one of the greatest cinematic events in movie history

  15. I thought that Captain Marvel would save the situation in the end, showing how awesome and powerful women are, and there is a moment when just the girls face Thanos' army, after leaving Peater Parker behind. There are great films with powerful women, like Wonder Woman and Alita Battle Angel, but Disney seems to have a problem in this area. Rey and Captain Marvel are badly done, and their point is just to make feminist propaganda.

  16. With the death of Stan Lee, social justice/leftism is slowly creeping into the Marvel Universe after viewing Endgame. Thor emerged from Ragnarok and Infinity War as an empowered hero who truly found himself. Suddenly in Endgame, a 1500 year-old warrior who has endured many hardships is suddenly turned into a fat, alcoholic slob who gives his kingship to a woman, Valkyrie. Starlord was portrayed as an idiot. Every hero killed or retired was white (Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow). After being a comic book fan all my life, I am not looking forward to the next phase.

  17. The level of pandering at the end of the movie was so out of sync so distasteful it made me want to just walk out of the theater thanks a lot for ruining the movie hollyweird I wish you would take your leftist agendas and stick it where your poofter cavity use to exist

  18. Love the respect they gave to Iron Man, especially considering he kicked it off in 08….but…..

    I hate what they did to Thor in everyway. From the way he was emptionally, his appearance, he gave uo being King, somebody else picked up his hammer. So much of the saga has revolv3d around Iron Man & Thor so why did they feel the need to cut him down.

  19. My theater sucks major asshole all they do is laugh at the jokes no cheering clapping or anything. It was like this for both IW and endgame
    Thor Enters Wakanda: Silent
    Cap Lifts Mjolnir: Silent
    Heros Return: Silent
    Caps entrance in IW: Silent

  20. My favorite scene was when Wanda was being a boss ass bitch and taking on Thanos by herself, and winning. I stan a queen. #Youtookeverythingfromme.

  21. Cap, do you read me. On your left. This is our 10 Commandments, or Ben Hur. Wasp saying You got it Cap. Movie was great . The whole MCU including Blade, awesome

  22. Am I the only one who gave literally no fucks that Iron Man died?
    I never cared for Iron Man as a character in the first place.
    Maybe it's because he reminds me of just a regular dude in a suit.

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