Dauntless Brief Review & Look at End Game Builds

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Got to get my hands on Dauntless this week with it’s released and a set of endgame builds. Today we’ll be giving a brief review of Dauntless.

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0 thoughts on “Dauntless Brief Review & Look at End Game Builds

  1. For those interested in this game, feel free to click below!

    Join the hunt! Download Dauntless for free here: https://playdauntless.com/r/aztecrossgaming

  2. Lol in mhw you can change your loadout even if your in a quest. How do you have 100hrs and. Nt know this. Just go in the tent lol. This game is decent though, its not on mhw level.

  3. This game is super boring, feels like it was a mobile game that has been ported to console and pc. There is no reason for the town hub, half a dozen npcs are spread over a massive area for no reason other then to make the game seem larger then it is. Everything in Ramsgate could be accomplished by a simple menu which would be much more inline with the type of game they are putting forward. There are again, only half a dozen weapon types each with a few button combos you are locked into repeating with absolutely no variation because the game doesn't allow for user customized attack orders. Most the time you are just spamming a single button, occasionally holding it for a brief moment or repeatedly hitting it in quick succession is the extent of the majority of combo attacks. The maps are big empty spaces with a single enemy you are required to "hunt" which really means everyone run around for 10 seconds till someone finds the monster. The fights themselves are hardly challenging and are generally just a spam fest with the occasional dodge of a highly telegraphed attack and even if you were to somehow die you can instantly respawn several times after which your teammates can continue to revive you. Overall the game looks good visually but there just isn't much to do; log in, fight monster, upgrade, repeat, with nothing in between. There's no story, no talent trees, no classes, no character development and no world, I tried to like the game but it has very little going for it right now.

  4. 6:50 for this creator to actually shuffle through the special things in his mind to get to the point. You are welcome guys

  5. maybe i'm picky or something but after like 2 days the game lost some of its entertainment value cus ur just doing the same thing over and over again.

  6. you forgot to mention terra damage, which for the ones who don't that is what counters shock. good video i completely agree dauntless is a really fun game with friends, i think that is where it shines it can get dry alone, the battlepass how ever is a little pay to win, once u purchase the elite battle pass once u defeat a monster u can little more materials from that monster u killed. now its not a lot the max i have gotta was like 3 hide but its still something. and u can also get materials to craft consumables. its a good game it really is and a great video as well, they just need to fix the servers queue time to get into the game and being able to cancel queues, (cause that is REALLY frustrating). My friends and I when we want to leave a queue we have one person leave the hunt party and invite everyone else, its a temp solution and not really that convenient but it works.

  7. The way to cancel hunts it it tells u at the top and when it says found match u click the button it says at the top and u should go to a screen and click abandoned for me its r3 to see the hunt im bout to do and triangle to cancel

  8. Epic games crushes it period. It’s great because all these other developers are going to have to stay at Epics standards to stay in business. That and eventually all games will be free thanks to Epic. They’ve created the perfect formula.

  9. I don’t hear anyone talking about how girls in the game don’t have breasts, I you put on the terra armor for a girl, they have pecs. Female bodies don’t exist in dauntless

  10. This game is repetitive as fuck no build adversity same 5 hit combos I reached heroic just to have to get the same armor upgraded again and again barely any support builds fps is horrid at least its free

    This is like comparing fortnite to battlefield MH is for hardcore fans this is for casual gamers

  11. Been an off and on player of dauntless since the alpha and beta and I have played monster hunter since ps2. Dauntless endgame is harder than the current monster hunter world offerings. I play dauntless for how insane fights can get. Cross play alone has put this game above and beyond for me. I’m finally able to play with my PS4 and Xbox friends while I’m on my pc. My only desires from dauntless are some raid style monsters and a bigger roster to hunt. The new monsters have all been really good so I’m excited to see a new one.

    Some tips for playing with randoms:
    if possible have medic 6 and tell the group. This will help prevent failure.

    Conduit 6 and molten 6 will make your teams love you.

    If you need a part just type it in chat and ask nicely. Most players will oblige.

    Do not hog the rift, if possible try and save it until after the fight and grab it as a team. If your group is rift greedy try to take a sip whenever you change areas. Common courtesy in most groups I play with is we give the medics the sips so they are alive to revive us.

  12. Since when you press cancel matchmaking and it doesn’t cancel. You can leave the party(if your in a group) or go to main menu real quick

  13. The 'pay to win' aspects of the game come from the vendor that can combine your cells. With premium you can skip the 24 hour wait time and have 3 queues going. Also there are some useful items from the elite season rewards that impact regular game, and the fact that with elite you earn bonus items from missions. It gives 50% bonus to mastery XP and season XP too. But overall it's not too bad, and playing for free is fine (although a bit grindier).

  14. To anyone thinking about joining in the game ill give you my perspective as a 4 days entry… the game is absolutely good no doubt you wont enjoy it… its laid back and less clusterous than monster hunters but the monsters themselfs are a good challenge even the begining offers you challenge… so definitely go give it a try and i recommend you to stay until you get the dire behemoth mission thats when the thing really gets spiced… if you can be dedicated u can get to that within 3hrs… and remember to enjoy the game more than playing it like a chore peace

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