Days Gone Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

Karak sits down to discuss and review Days Gone. 1.7 patch did not fix tech issues sadly.
Game Provided by Sony for Review.
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0 thoughts on “Days Gone Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

  1. Listening to Karak I assumed this would be a "buy." He was harsher on Vampyr which was only $10 less on consoles and he gave that a "buy" even though it was much clunkier, but just as fun.
    They must have really improved the frame rate with those huge patches in June or July. It runs just fine in August 2019. It has a few weird bugs like NPCs yelling "help! I'm taking fire!" for no reason in the middle of telling a story. But nothing game breaking or worse than any game.
    My biggest gripe is that it is open world, and like all open-world games, it is often repetitive and boring. I don't want to have to waste hours finding gas and scraps so I can constantly fix the bike or not be able to have fun doing a lot of jumps. Two non-lethal stealth missions would have been fine. I don't want to do 10 of them that are mostly the same. Had this been a 10-15 linear game like The Last of Us, it would have been awesome. As is, it has a good 20 hours with 30 hours+ of filler that is hard to skip. I don't have time for that. But it was certainly worth $60 and is definitely worth $40 if you can spare the time and don't mind repetition.
    I don't like open-world games, but I found this every bit as fun as Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-man. I just wish there were cheats for unlimited gas, etc.

  2. How about the fact that you have to go and get medicated bandages for your mate in the hut – I already had some in my inventory, but I still had to go and get some because the game needed me to go there, kill stuff and return. That killed any immersion for me right off the bat.

  3. see people hate on this game but i think it is a really good game it takes zombie games and turns it on its head. i think it is great yes its a bit repetative but what game isnt

  4. All that weather within about 8 kilometers.
    I really liked this game until I completed it, and then it became pretty easy with all all stats maxed out, all weapons etc.
    The auto shotgun is interesting for up-close horde destruction.

  5. Watching your videos makes me pay attention to details I never bothered to care about. But now I have to maximize my time, and your reviews, along with others, really help me avoid terrible games, or games that might interest me by the looks, but turn out not to because of the substance.

  6. Just got the game a week ago. Was surprised how it scored at merely 7 on Metacritic. At least 8.5 or 9 for me. I loved it and will definitely get the Platinum.

  7. What an amazing game and I’m glad you did such a good job actually reviewing this game. From the small details of the clothing and weather to the massive open world gameplay and hordes you have to fight. This game is def not perfect but the final product is on par with major hitting games like The Last of Us. I just watched a review for ign on this game and it was absolute garbage, just nitpicking every little thing wrong with the game with very little attention to detail and appreciation for the world itself. Keep up the vids.

  8. Thank you!! Was ready for a new game for a bit now..but with all the crappy trends I didn't want to waste money..when I saw the trailer it had already peaked my interest..

  9. Underrated gem. Horde fights are one of the best gaming moments I can remember from recent memory. I really like storyline and characters while gameplay is fun and fluid even if bit frame droppy at times. I really pray they can make sequel someday. Insta buy for me.

  10. so… now that this game is out, my NDA is moot and I can tell you how awful gametesting this game was….. We had an option in our review that said "if I was at home, I'd stop playing right now", and by the 3rd day that was all I was feeling. At one point, I just wrote "this game reminds me of my past relationship. What started as optimistic and fun, soon turned into agonizing monotony. Each day the same, no adventure or discovery. I'd 100% quite at this point and never return. The story is bland and predictable and the gameplay just outright boring and repetitive." -2/10, I was so glad to go home after my 6 day play test.

  11. This game levelled up for me when I started wearing headphones 🎧.
    It was like a totally different game.
    Looks great – game is a little repetitive – but there’s just enough variety of people and missions to keep coming back to it. I’m about to unlock a second map 🗺 so excited to see what’s on the other side…

  12. I disagree with the end opinion the game was worth 60 dollars there's plenty of content in this game and despite the bugs it's still mostly a great game.

    The biggest annoyance that still happens is when you're on the bike it will suddenly freeze for 5 to 7 seconds and then suddenly resume. It happens rarely enough that it hasn't had an impact on survival.

    Agree with pretty much everything you said otherwise.

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