Do you need “Gaming” hardware? – Sharkoon SGD1 Review

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We investigate what it means for a product to be ‘gaming’ while reviewing the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 Gaming Desk.

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0 thoughts on “Do you need “Gaming” hardware? – Sharkoon SGD1 Review”

  1. Are these guys even gamers? I almost got little bit angry when they goofed off with elbow space. ELBOW SPACE IS ESSENTIAL!

    Let me guide you through on setting up your desk and gaming position, and maybe someday you too can get some EPIC headshots.

    1. Get a table big and sturdy enough to rebuild an 350 CHEVY small block engine.
    2. Remove any armrests on your chair. (if you're fat enough, you can skip this step. Those aren't your biggest problem, if you can only fit between them)
    3. Sit close to your desk and lean forward. (we are not watching netflix here, it's not time for relaxing. Gaming is serious business.)
    4. Slam your left elbow on the table. (if you can't reach, cut some material out of your table to make room for your gamer belly)
    5. Now slap your left hand on the desk, so that your forearm lays flat on the desk.
    6. Now place your keyboard under your hand. Your middle finger marks the spot for W-key.
    7. Rotate your keyboard about 45 degrees clockwise, while still keeping the W-key on the exact spot where your middle finger landed.
    8. Now take your mouse on right hand.
    9. Repeat the steps you did on your other hand, now with mouse on your grip: Lean forward, slam elbow, slap hand. This is the default placement for your mouse.
    10. And for the last step, place your monitor as close to your nose as possible. (your screen should get foggy from your breath at intense situations.)

    And there you have it! When shit gets real and your really have to nail that headshot next time that noob peeks from that cover, just move your weight more and more from your ass to your elbows. It should be possible to remove your chair under you without you falling on the floor. This is also perfect position to scream at the monitor and rage, when you realize that after all you weren't as good as I am.

    Now go out there and dominate the battlefield! At least you learned from the best.


  2. I thought there was going to be an actual scientific analysis of gaming vs not gaming products… Not a really drawn out desk advertising.

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