Fire Emblem: Three Houses – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Fire Emblem has returned to a console for the first time in over a decade! Is it a strategic masterpiece? Or is it better off forgotten? Find out in our review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses!


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40 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Three Houses – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. In the same amount of time it would take to watch this review I could walk to my local Gamestop, buy the game, and walk back. Possibly even start up the game.

  2. i think there should be a option taht you can chage how the chars look in the class they have, i love edelgards timeskip outfit but she only wears this in battle as long as she has the class that fints this look my edlegard is swordmaster and i wish i could give her the chlothes she wears in every scene

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