Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep. 4 – Angry Review!

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AngryJoe, Alex & Erica review the monumental Episode 3 in the Final Season! The HUGE battle of Winterfell, the Night King that’s been built up over 7 years! Was it awesome? Satisfying? Does it even make sense? Yes and No. I’m so conflicted right now! Our Thoughts!
After the end of this episode, everyone got the deaths right, it was far too predictable, but ERICA is now in front as she picked Lyanna and we didnt. Erica +1 in the Deadpool.

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0 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep. 4 – Angry Review!”

  1. Bronn did NOT confront Jaime and Tyrion in Winterfell!!! I wish people would pay attention to the scene. SMH. The outside shot in the begining of the scene clearly establishes that they are in a bar/inn with Winterfell in the distance. There would't be any security guards to get past in a bar. It happens offscreen, but Jaime doesn't start staying in Winerfell until Tyrion clears it with Sansa. They looked to be at the inn where Brienne and Pod stayed while waiting for Sansa's candle.

  2. so is jaqen hagar coming back or what? he's my favourite character in the show… and he still owes arya a life

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