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  1. Jon snow did right by killing dany because she became very ruthless at the end but Jon snow should have been the king, thats what everyone was looking for. But bran was really selfish when he said to tyrion "why do u think i have come so long" when asked about becoming the king.
    Who thinks I am right.

  2. I quit watching it in season 4. read the books first. probably would have liked it more if I hadn't. And the reason the last season was so bad is that Martin never finished the series. He was too busy with the show and being famous. He wrote two prequels and a history and released them. A bunch of graphic novels, and STILL hasn't finished the freakin series. So instead of having his writing to work with the writers had to wing it and Martin was no help because he didn't know how it ended. Patrick Rothfuss  is doing the same thing with The Kingkiller Chronicle, He's so busy being famous he doesn't have time to write. 10 years since the release of book 2.

  3. This almost perfectly sums up my thoughts on season 8. Things weren't great but up until the finale I was at least fine with everything and enjoyed a lot, but the finale really tipped a lot of things from acceptable to bad.

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