0 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Series Finale – Review”

  1. Yes, I think it could have been a more detailed season, but the outcries for re-write/film….nahhh, they already fuggged it up, move on. I also agree on all your points as I felt the same. Jon dry snitching on himself…well, he couldn't lie to Cersei so…..yeah. All in all, I am glad Jon had the decency not to smash his aunt off one or two, or three more times ala Jaime (i probably woulda….that dragon cooch is fire…so I heard :/ ).

  2. Jeremy Jahns on the Red Wedding video, "I'll tell you this though I don't even…,
    that continent can rot for all I give a shit. Come on Khaleesi – come over with the Dragons like yeah, TURN IT TO ASH. they're either assholes who need to die or they're damaged beyond repair and they probably should die out of mercy.
    sorry. "

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