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  1. (It's a Tyrion joke, (clearly lol) usually told by someone who shares his…


    I once walked into a Brothel with a Honeycomb and a Jackass,
    The Madam said, "Good Morning, How can we help you?"

    "I need a woman to lie with, for mine has left me."

    "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, but what's with the Honeycomb and Jackass?"

    "Oh, well I brought home a lamp, and while the Mrs. was cleaning it, you know, wiping off the dust, POOF!
    Out POPPED a Genie!"

    "Ooh!" Said the Madam

    And for freeing him from his small prison, he granted her three wishes. Anything she asked of him.
    And, without hesitation, she wished to have a house fit for a Queen! And POOF!

    There appeared this Honeycomb!"

    "Oh, no!" The Madam said.

    She was undaunted though, and for her second wish demanded the Nicest Ass in all Seven Kingdoms, and, POOF!

    There appeared this Jackass!"

    "And her third wish?"

    "For her third wish," I answered, "You'd think she'd have become a little apprehensive, but she immediately demanded that I, her husband, would have a cock that hung down past my knees."

    "Well, that's a relief!"

    "You would think, so." I told her,
    "Except POOF!
    I was no longer six foot three!" 😉👍

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