Ion Fury Review: A New Build Engine FPS in 2019

LGR review of Ion Fury by 3D Realms: the first full game to be made using the Build Engine in over 20 years! Classic gameplay reminiscent of late-90s FPS classics, just a real treat for retro PC gamers.

This video was made using review code provided by the publisher.
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● Background music is from the Ion Maiden soundtrack:

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0 thoughts on “Ion Fury Review: A New Build Engine FPS in 2019”

  1. Looks and sounds amazing!!! Does anybody know the title of the song when the character goes into the shopping mall at 8:55?

  2. I don't know why, but when I've downloaded and played the game, I felt zero excitement, comparing to demo campaign which I've finished long time ago with pleasure. I've literally put the game away for "other moment", even recently released on GOG Loria (considered by many as low-quality Warcraft rip-off) gave me much more fun. Which is making me even more disappointed, because games which are making truly positive impression on me, are making me "leaving" all other games until finishing "this one". So many years of development (after releasing demo campaign), I'm starting to regret making preorder. REALLy have hope that it will be better after returning to Ion Fury. Besides – I had hope that any references to this infamous "two girls.." (I read only description on wikipedia about year ago, but still regret that I've done even that), yet it still didn't die. Eh, what a shame.

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