Is the NEW Nintendo Switch Worth the Price? – Unboxing/Review

There is now a new revision of the Nintendo Switch. This has an improved battery life but also some other hidden surprises. Lets unbox this new console and see how it plays in my review!

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ust shortly after announcing the incoming Switch Lite, Nintendo went ahead and quietly revealed that another new Switch model was on the way. This time, it would be a revision of the original, or ‘flagship’ Switch that would offer a significantly improved battery life over the initial variant. This new revision possesses a change in the model number; in the US, they’re identified by the number HAC-001(-01) and the serial code starts with XKW.

The easiest way to identify the revised model is by the change in packaging design. The new boxes are all red (the original was red and white) and show the system at a different angle.

The new and improved model should improve the current Switch’s 2.5 – 6.5 hour battery life to 4.5 – 9 hours. It would appear that the improvement is thanks to an updated ‘Mariko’ verison of the Tegra X1 chip that is believed to be used in the upcoming Switch Lite; the battery is the same as before, but the new chip improves the console’s overall performance resulting in the upgrade.

It’s unlikely that Nintendo will actively announce when the new consoles will hit stores across North America and Europe, but make sure to keep an eye out for the new box if you’re looking to pick on up. It should only be a matter of time.


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30 thoughts on “Is the NEW Nintendo Switch Worth the Price? – Unboxing/Review”

  1. Are the new processors already in the original switch? Or are they waiting until September Nintendo releases the Switchlite?

  2. So how did you figure out based on playing doom that it's 10% better?…better at what …what did you measure there matey??

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