Let’s Be REAL About Nintendo Switch Online Service

The Switch is a great system, with a great library of games, but one thing that has been a bit of a letdown has been the Nintendo Switch Online service. Cloud saves, special offers, and NES Online games on Switch have been offered, but with the May games being leaked, I can’t help but think that it’s time to be real about the service and the flaws that NEED to be fixed.

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48 thoughts on “Let’s Be REAL About Nintendo Switch Online Service”

  1. I still like Splatoon and Switch but the Online still not good. But this has to change with free games, Vitual consoles, dedicated servers, Splatoon 2 cloud saves, and so on.

    Online still need alot of fixes and good servers before Splatoon 3.

  2. Wtf are you complaining that we have nes games on the switch(THAT YOU CAN PLAY LIVE WITH A Friend????? Possibly stream it too

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