My Favorite VEGAN Omega 3 Supplements + What I Ate Today

Previous SUPER in-depth Omega 3 video:

Nordic Naturals Algae Omega:

Nested Algae Omega:

Nature’s Way Liquid Omega-3 (Extra Strength):

(I currently take 1/2 tsp/day)

And don’t forget B12!
My favorite B12:

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Petunia has made a full recovery! We did have to take her in to the vet for a subcutaneous fluid infusion because she got dehydrated, but she is fine and back to her normal self now.

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29 thoughts on “My Favorite VEGAN Omega 3 Supplements + What I Ate Today”

  1. Love the videos…thank you so much for doing the research and sharing. I'm always lost on where to start when looking for the facts.

  2. hey lily, I just totally love all your videos, especially "The Sexy Tablespoon" They r sooooo entertaining as well as educational. How long did u platoe at your highest wt. of 155 lbs b4 losing any wt.? I'm also 5'4" and I weigh closest to your highest wt. I've been in recovery from an E.D. for almost 10 months. I look a whole lot heavier than u did at your highest wt. I've been diagnosed w/severe Rheaumatoid Arthritis 4 24 years now. I'm unable to do any of the yoga exercises, Becuz my fat gets in the way. My waist is about 40 inches and I'm just huge all over, no exaggeration, seriously. My boobs r almost the size of Dolly Parton's. My bras r all soooooo very uncomfortable. During my 15 years of E.D. I was almost completely flat. I was very comfortable in my skin. I weighted between 75 and 85 lbs. I also had tons of energy and was able to do yoga and run circles around others. I was very hyper. I'm a 59 yr old lady. I want to be able to do yoga and heavy weight lifting. That is my goal. I've been a whole food plant based vegan except for unflavored gelatin. I'm hooked on my gelatin treats I make which r mostly blueberries, chia seeds and Irish sea moss. I eat maybe 2 serving per day. Is there any hope 4 m to lose this excess wt.? I'm desperate 4 encouragement.

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