Nintendo Direct E3 2019 REACTION – Best Direct EVER?

The Nintendo Direct for E3 2019 just wrapped up, and it was insane. Breath of the Wild 2, Banjo in Smash Ultimate, new Switch game announcements, Contra is back, Panzer Dragoon is back, and TONS more!

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29 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct E3 2019 REACTION – Best Direct EVER?”

  1. AbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutelyAbsolutely loll Awesome direct though

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