The Nintendo Direct for E3 2019 WAS INSANE AND THE BEST YET! Breath of the Wild 2, ANIMAL CROSSING, Banjo in Smash Ultimate, new Switch game announcements, Contra is back, Panzer Dragoon is back, and TONS more! SUBSCRIBE & HIT THAT BELL!

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27 thoughts on “Nintendo’s E3 2019 HONESTLY WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!”

  1. Personally I was not a big fan of botw so I'm skeptical of botw 2 but if they bring back some of the things that I felt were missing then it's gonna be the best game ever. Also please change the desing so that not all shrines and dungeons are these brown oranges blueish color. (for those who are interested what I want back for example old Z-Targeting as an option, directional weapon input, proper dungeon, more interesting items from the past, a bit more linearity so that not everything is possible with the most basic of basics)

  2. The other disappointment: Pokemon has no national dex meaning you can’t bring any Pokémon not found normally in the game into sword and shield.

  3. "We do have a new Contra game that looks pretty good" I'm sorry, I know you were maybe too enthuastic about the direct at the time
    But this Contra game looks awful, to me it's the only big downside of the Direct

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