NO MAN’S SKY | A GAMING COMEBACK OF THE GENERATION! Why NMS (2019) Has Gone Above & Beyond The Rest!

With the beyond DLC releasing soon, it’s time to give credit where credit is due! Hello Games and Leader Designer Sean Murray have truly transformed No Man’s Sky, and the game has gotten so much better than I ever expected it to! This game and developer is worth a second look if you’ve been ignoring them till now!

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[No Man’s Sky] Exploration ~ Nicolas Dominique

No Man’s Sky OST: Outlier

No Man’s Sky OST – Blueprint for a Slow Machine (65daysofstatic) 4K Ultra-HD

The Martian OST- Science the Shit out of this

65Daysofstatic – Debutante (From No Man’s Sky Official Trailer)

Star Citizen Soundtrack – The Verse by Pedro Camacho

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Andromeda Initiative Soundtrack (EurocorpFx Remake)


New disappointment discovered : No Man’s Sky (2016)

The No Man’s Sky Hype Train – Missing Features Compilation

No Man’s Sky: Next Review

SEA MONSTERS in No Man’s Sky Next!


Most Amazing EXOTIC BIOMES Planets in No Man’s Sky (new update biomes!)

Part Of Transcript:
Now even though the game is amazing now, and its about to get a whole lot better once its next expansion, beyond, is released. I understand why some people may think this game doesn’t ever deserve to be forgiven, for releasing in such a terrible way. I mean when this game launched, if the footage we had seen was what the game actually looked like in terms of graphics and atmosphere, and if Sean Murray hadn’t shown off so many fake demos and been such a yes man on TV for stuff he clearly knew wouldn’t be in the game, well then maybe people wouldn’t have been so let down and pissed off at hello games. However, this has become somewhat of an unfortunate trend recently in gaming, first destiny 1 at launch was a far cry from what was shown and promised, then the division 1 decided it would try and lie even more, going even further then the graphical lies of watch dogs. Then after that Fallout 76 proved found a way to dig an even further hole, and has managed to permanently stain Bethesda’s once holy reputation, but none of these came close to being as abysmal as Anthem’s launch. So short to say No Man’s Sky wasn’t the only offender of false hype and advertising, and while Destiny and the division have certainly become great franchises creating their own rather large cult followings, those games were done by massive triple AAA developers, and were backed by some of the largest publishers out there. No man’s sky on other hand was made by an incredibly small studio, and with he goals they had in mind they truly reached for the stars, but instead they weren’t even able to leave the atmosphere. It seemed like Hello Game’s reputation, and game would forever be lost in silence, and the game would die off quietly. Destined to make No Man’s Sky a great game though, several expansions have been released since launch, that have added a mind-numbing amount of changes, graphical updates, new content, multiplayer, and so much more. To properly compare 2016’s no man’s sky to where it is now, let’s look into all of the major updates and see what each once has changed and added, starting with the foundation update!

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0 thoughts on “NO MAN’S SKY | A GAMING COMEBACK OF THE GENERATION! Why NMS (2019) Has Gone Above & Beyond The Rest!

  1. EDIT: I don't think the game is perfect and I have many ideas on other additions I'd like to see added and have actually released one video already showing 10 ways to improve combat and more! But for the game's current price and content, I think it is a gem in the modern market!

    With the beyond DLC releasing soon, it's time to give credit where credit is due! Hello Games and Leader Designer Sean Murray has truly transformed No Man's Sky, and the game has gotten so much better than I ever expected it to! This game and developer is worth a second look if you've been ignoring them till now!

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  2. If you would have told me in 2016 when I bought the game that i will be playing it in 2019 with a passion I would have bet my house on that no fking way. I’m speechless to the commitment of the developers and the love they put into this game and somehow they are still improving it

  3. Moral of the story : if you dont have triple a funding to make a real game. Just lie on release and take those millions of stolen funds and bam. Win.

  4. Not even a huge AAA company like BioWare is willing to keep trying to make Anthem a great game instead they leave it dead in the water while Hello games committed and damn did it pull off

  5. Ive been following NMS since release and never purchased it due to the fail on the hype.
    Two weeks ago, I came across the game on a sale and though that maybe, just maybe its a somewhat enjoyable as I just finished Subnautica and loved that space themed survival exploration and I was looking for my next fix.
    So I snapped up NMS and its been years since I played a game where I would put things on hold and create free timeto play. I have sunk almost the 40hrs of gameplay into the past 2 weeks, thats an entire working week of leisure time that I have put into the game and I havent even started base build.

    HELLO GAMES – LOVE IT oh and decent video man, Sub'd (Im the 9100th sub)

  6. When I heard you sign off with "keelah se'lai", I instantly subbed. Great vid, and No Man's Sky is legitimately one of the best games out there now. HG deserves all the love and respect that they're getting for turning this game into the masterpiece it has become, and the effort they've put into redeeming themselves.

  7. Thanks for this! I was so hyped for the original release, but then I read all the bad reviews and that everyone pretty much flamed the crap out the game. I therefore forgot about it until now! Now I actually want to try it out! Kudos and likes to Shepard!

  8. Me playing new games in 2020 be like: Wow, this is really great, amazing..
    Youngsters these days: NOOB, shitty graphic, etc..
    Me: But ye used to play Fortnite?…

  9. After the Visions update, I was mining rocks when one of them suddenly sprouted legs and scuttled away. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

  10. It still runs like shit to me. I can run Battlefield 1 but I can't run No Man's Sky. That wasn't the case until they started "updating" it.

  11. I havent played this game, but people who have been loyal to it from the start must have been so happy when all of this was happening.

  12. Now let me tell you how every update still sucks.

    Freighter is just a pointless floating base.

    Vehicles and starship control like absolute trash. Go ahead buy on steam and play with mouse and keyboard then refund. See for yourself I ain't lying.

    Atlas rises was good but the scale was mom existant and they ruined the aesthetic with NEXT.

  13. My boyfriend and I started playing this around Christmas time 2018 for some shits and gigs but we found it had actually really improved and we fell in love with it! We set up our main base on "Planet of The Bois" everything is some kind of boi, like flying bois, dino-lookin bois if you happen to find it let me know 😁❤

  14. My friend gifted it to me the other day, and the day I installed it I played 13 straight hours (bathroom breaks and meals included)

  15. No Man's Sky epic fail did something good for the gaming community. I'm pretty sure that several thousand people, not all of them unfortunately, finally realized that blindly pre-ordering a game is bad practice and only hurts gaming and occasionally your wallet.

  16. bought this game 3 years ago, gonna download it again and play it tommorow! u make me interested to come back again thx man

  17. When someone asks me if I will buy a game, my first question is whether or not the company making it has a history of supporting their games long-term. I play 4 games consistently, these are: osu!, league of legends, CSGO, and rainbow 6 siege. I have no time for games that will stop being updated 2 months after release, and neither should you. There are games made in the image of shareholder and those made with players in mind, find games that fit the later.

  18. I picked this game up right when it hit the clearance rack at the local GameStop and have owned it since 2017. The reason I swooped it up was because I heard they released an update that fixed a lot of problems. When I started playing it it was fun but still buggy, but I like these kinds of games. Everytime they released a new update I would log on and add another 20 or so hours to the gameplay time and then set it down for a bit. Since the Beyond update I have been playing it every chance I get to sit down and log some time in, and more so, my friends have been seeing me constantly logged into it. They have even picked up the game themselves.

  19. Maybe when they release the next one, and its good at release with only some minor bug fixes to work on; then I'll buy the game. I refuse to give money to companies these days who assume, "Fuck it. People will buy the game anyways, we can use that money to fix the game"

  20. I installed no mans sky on release and only played it for a few hours. I came back after the base update and played again for a few hours and I after that I never went back. Im going to give it another shot after seeign this video, I am actually a little hyped right now, wow.

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