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  1. Abe lawde lassan gandu ke baache ku chutiya kaat raha ha logon ko….thermocol and cholesterol ka same chemical formula hota ha, fish oil cholestrol burn karta h, it means its purest

  2. 1 Chemical 2re chemical se react karta hai or Thermocol 1Tarah Ka chemical Hai Isiliye Usme 2ra chemical mix Karne par woh jal gaya but nutrilite me chemical Nahi hai isiliye woh Thermocol Nahi jala nutrilite is best for us

  3. U don't have any knowledge or u r amway company dealer . Amway nutrilite is triglyceride form. Other brand ethy ester form. Both r safe. Our body not made of thermocol. Triglyceride vs Ethyl Ester

    A triglyceride consists of a glycerol "backbone" with three 3 fatty acids attached. Fish oils naturally contain triglycerides containing DHA, EPA, and a saturated fat. During the production of all concentrated fish oils through “molecular distillation,” the fatty acids are liberated into free ethyl ester forms. Some fish oil products are made by synthesizing the free fatty acids back to a triglyceride form while others, including the pharmaceutical forms, maintain the purified oil in the ethyl ester (EE) form. Some companies selling fish oils claim that the triglyceride form is more natural, has better stability, and is better absorbed than the EE form. None of these claims is true. The recombined triglycerides are not necessarily in their natural form, they are not more stable, and they certainly are not better utilized by the body. My personal opinion is that the EE form actually possesses some advantages:

    In order for the body to utilize the DHA or EPA in a triglyceride form they must be liberated from the glycerol backbone. The EE form provides an easier to assimilate form for many and is significantly less likely to cause burping up of a fishy smell. Think of the EE form as a “pre-digested” form of fish oil.
    While early absorption studies showed an advantage to the triglyceride form, it turns out the studies were not taking into account the fact that the EE form is processed in a more efficient manner. Very detailed absorption studies have shown that the EE form is actually more bioavailable in that it is more easily processed by the cells that line the intestines and is also more easily incorporated into cell membranes

  4. Good video but give full explanation brother.
    All omega fatty acid are non polar.
    And foam sheets are also non polar.
    Chemistry formula u heard about'like dissolve like'.
    So when both comes in contact then they start dissolving each other.
    All fish oil dissolves with foam sheet at different time scale and rate.
    So dont misguide and create fear in the mind of other people.
    Jai hind.

  5. Ye chutiya bana rha h logo ko …actual me omega 3 thermacol ko jalata hai agar wo nhi jala pa rha h matlab fake product hai…agar aapko vishwas na ho to 200rs ke fish oil se krke dekho ye nhi jalega…amway ke bekar products hai forever is best

  6. इसके पीछे की Science क्या है वो समझना हो तो कमेंट करें, this demo is misleading

  7. Chutiya .face to face bat kr.duplicate product ka demo dikha kr.logo ko bevkuf mt bna.pahle search kr ke aa ki amway product bnati kese h.bap ..bap hi hota h

  8. Aap ne achchi vedio banai hai Good but aap Tablet bottle se nikalte wo bhi Agar nazar aata tou bohat acha hota ,but Amway ke sare products bht ache hote Sach mai..thank u so much vedio ke liye

  9. Bhai science naam ki bhi 1 cheez hoti h pata h kya tumhe, stirofoam is based on LDL , or omega 3 LDL ko khatam krta h, LDL IS BASICALLY BAD CHOLESTEROL, which blocks our veins, in majority of heart diseases LDL is the main accuse, and omega 3 fights with LDL like it does with styrofoam, grab full and proper knowledge about anything and then tell others

  10. Abe chutiye apni heart ki blockage thermocol ki seat jaisi hi hoti h.
    Agar ye isko melt kr skta h to blockage b khol skta h

  11. No doubt, Amway offers best quality products but advertisement ethics does not allow disglorifying other company products. Instead of Use Brand X instead of Brand name of the company. Do business but with ethics, that's what BWW teaches.

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