0 thoughts on “R.I.P. GAME OF THRONES – Series Finale SUCKS! Iron Throne Rant/Review”

  1. Would you like to hear my final conclusion on this whole thing, now that I’ve Had ample time to think about it? The whole show sucked all along, Benioff and Weiss are talentless hacks, and George Martin himself is a Greedy Lazy Phony who just wanted to get rich quick. This whole thing was Bogus. 👎

  2. "Who has the better story than Bran?" Ugh, Tyrion, maybe you? How about Jon? And btw, do you even remember you wanted him to sit on the throne a few scenes before? Sansa has a better story. Arya has a better story (she killed the NK, do you remember?). Brienne has a better story. Gendry has a better story AND legal claim to the throne… f**ck even Edmure Tully has a better story and at least twice did something meaningful to the plot. He might not be witty and charismatic or the best archer in this universe but he proved himself to be honourable and devoted to his family and land. Bran proved nothing. He just implies that he knew some things before others…. post factum. Is it true? If yes, then he's the real villian of this story, if no – it means he's crazy. Either way, no material for a good ruler.

  3. Gendry's character was merged with Edric Storm. So basically they gave Gendry Edric Storm 's storyline.

    Bran said that he couldn't be lord of Winterfell, so how in the hell can he be king?
    Tyrion picking Bran as king and the noble house going along with it does not ring true. A lot of the nobles house doesn't like/Trust Tyrion . So they wouldn't listen to him. Grey worm,and the dothraki would have killed Tyrion and Jon on the spot. They are not bounded by the law of king's landing.
    The iron island has been fighting for their independence for years, and Dorne has always been independent. House Martell motto is "Unbowed,Unbent,and Unbroken ". They didn't even bow to Aegon the conqueror and 3 dragons, so it's no way they will give up their independence to Bran the broken because the imp told them he's the new king. No way! Especially after Sansa straight told Bran the north is independent. Sansa pull the big sister trip on Bran. She didn't ask,she straight told him.

  4. Made zero sense that Grey Worm didn’t execute Jon on the spot. And why was Danaerys alone? She’s more than smart enough to know better

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