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0 thoughts on “Rage 2 Review Scores are Too Low – Inside Gaming Daily

  1. Rage 2 is all about FUN. 🙂 I am 20 or so hours into it and am absolutely enjoying it. I enjoyed the first one for the same exact reason of just being a fun game with a lame story.
    The combat in this game is unreal especially once you get all your abilities and weapons.
    10 out of 10 for me as I still have tons of hours to play in this game with all the numerous side missions and tons of more goon squads etc. to absolutely mutilate. 🙂
    …and even as a guy I love pink! 🙂

  2. Rage 2 is an excellent game! It was never advertised as having a deep story and eich character development. It is exactly what I thought it'd be: Post Apocalypse Doom!

  3. Rage 2 deserves even less. The user scores are real. 5/10. Shitty boring game with shitty optimization and trash graphics hiding behind over-saturated color.

  4. I don't know if people are going to agree with this but i think an actual open world/partially open world would actually make for a fun doom game, imagine being trapped in hell with nothing better to do than rip apart demons, your goal would be to find and kill the demonic rulers of hell by killing mini bosses found throughout the plains of hell, which would give you clues/ keys that would open new paths that would lead you closer to the main bosses. (the titan, icon of sin?) every time you killed a boss you would get closer to actually escaping hell (which isn't very doom slayer esc now that i think about it, he'd be trying to stay IN hell!) and than once you escape, i dunno, games done i guess, just a thought i had.

  5. its just a generic as fuck console fps with bullet sponge enemies, this game could have been released 10 years ago and it wouldnt make a difference

  6. I think the low scores are justified. the game comes across as being bland and mediocre. it might be good but they just didnt do a good job marketing it imo

  7. The main reason I don't like this game it's too much like playing DOOM one of my own hated games constant gore fest just gets boring 2 mins into playing games like this
    It's like they go and say let's do a great story but add no story to the game and instead add tuns of combat gore fest action which will be our filler the fans won't notice the lack of story because they will be enjoying the insane lengths of none stop action

    Me my self prefer story and action, not action replace of story. Once you get rid of the story its a long bore fest of a game

    But what do I know I'm just the customer

  8. it might also be that the game is an open world RPG that casts 60 dollars and therefore should compare to games like fallout4 and the last of us. if the game was only 40 dollars I'm sure the reviews would be a bit higher. just my thoughts.great vid by the way.

  9. The original Rage had WAY more character than the new blob of rainbow colors.
    It had interesting characters, and environments…. Yes, it was not colorful, but frack, how can your eyes stand having the rainbow forced into them?

    It's just so, blurgh, bland, and uninteresting, using color in excess, without guidance. Color is good, even in excess, if that excess is well directed. (Looking at you Far Cry)

  10. theres some stuff that annoys me, driving feels like your driving a tank, road indications sudenly turn and hard to notice, some places are tooo dark and no flashlight option, hard to find the crates even with the perks, sure its fun but if you want to be a sniper etc, forget it just close range combat

  11. They summed up rage 1 perfectly. GOD DAMN. I've been looking for ways to describe it. All I could come up with is that's it's the epitome of "eh it's a good game." Rage 1 is the FINISH line. It sets out to do something it does it no more no less it's the FINISH line holy shit.

  12. This is my opinion but if you experience some of the story and start going out and exploring the world and doing the side missions this game is f**** awesome like seriously yes the shooting mechanics like they said are the best thing about it but even with the driving and everything else to do in this game is amazing this is so much fun f*** whatever he has to say this game is so much fun period

  13. Just a career tip, while it may seem advisable early on it is generally not a good idea to work for free. Have Bethesda send you guys a check next time you produce a piece of marketing for them.

  14. I think it's cookie-cutter, shallow BS personally… But the combat is fun at times. There's just really not enough to it.

  15. I've always wanted a Mad Max sci fi game, I thought I was going to get that when Fallout 3, Borderlands 1 and Rage 1 came out in 2008-10. But they just didn't tick all the boxes Fallout 3- no drivable car, Borderlands 1- driving felt really boring, Rage 1- world was too small. Even the new games come close but not close enough Far Cry New Dawn- cool but no big desert level Mad Max style to drive in. Metro Exodus – cool shooter game but not really about driving cars anyway. Finally Rage 2 comes out and it ticks every f'ckin box. Rage 2- cool driving, cool vehicles, cool environments, cool gameplay, large map and comes with a story that doesn't get in your way. I have't seen a story in any shooter game since the first Halo where I've gone "that ways so f'ckin awesome" so as long as the game play is awesome I'll do my own story and Rage 2 gives you that freedom. I give Rage 2 13/10, I don't get how everyone doesn't understand this game but me, either the whole world has gone retarded now or I'm the only retard in the wrong place

  16. Rage 2 was an obvious cash grab.
    There is fun to be had here in small doses with stellar gun play but the formula, world, and overall game length is a huge letdown. The original Rage was John Carmacks idea to meld vehicles into a FPS experience. It wasn't perfect but it wasn't Rage 2 either. Dot a lifeless world with routine activities. I understand its slightly after an apocalypse but where were any animal dangers in the game world? All we got was some buffalo looking docile creature. They even went as far as to have a wetlands area which is indicative of a recovering world. Surely there was more animal life in this world. I also thought the multiple game currencies along with UI menus for an rpg was head scratching unintuitive.
    I'm wondering how many people was left wondering what to do with all those mutant heads they collected.

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