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0 thoughts on “Rage 2 Review Scores are Too Low – Inside Gaming Daily”

  1. theres some stuff that annoys me, driving feels like your driving a tank, road indications sudenly turn and hard to notice, some places are tooo dark and no flashlight option, hard to find the crates even with the perks, sure its fun but if you want to be a sniper etc, forget it just close range combat

  2. They summed up rage 1 perfectly. GOD DAMN. I've been looking for ways to describe it. All I could come up with is that's it's the epitome of "eh it's a good game." Rage 1 is the FINISH line. It sets out to do something it does it no more no less it's the FINISH line holy shit.

  3. This is my opinion but if you experience some of the story and start going out and exploring the world and doing the side missions this game is f**** awesome like seriously yes the shooting mechanics like they said are the best thing about it but even with the driving and everything else to do in this game is amazing this is so much fun f*** whatever he has to say this game is so much fun period

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