Randy Pitchford SLAMS Steam After Borderlands Review Bombed (Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store Mess)

★ Following Gearbox’s official reveal that Borderlands 3 is in fact an Epic Store timed exclusive, the anger hasn’t slowed down! ★
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0 thoughts on “Randy Pitchford SLAMS Steam After Borderlands Review Bombed (Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store Mess)”

  1. REEEAAALLLY long post, only read if you are bored and have time on your hands 🙂
    TL;DR version: I have had troubles with Gearbox in the past, like many companies their customer service can suck, but I like Borderlands so much I will take the hit and get an Epic Store account, despite thinking it's shit.

    I love the borderland games, but I have had some pretty extreme bad experiences with Gearbox and Randy Pitchford. When the Handsome Collection released, there was an error in the digital edition (not everyone even knew about this, it was resolved within 12 hours for those experiencing it, and the release as always was at midnight). I happened to be up at midnight, so I went to play the game, and it wouldn't launch :). So I did what any rational person would, I went and made a support ticket. Knowing that the CS staff probably wasn't going to be in until morning, I also went on the forum, and made a post. It wasn't a raging post, it was politely worded, and I simply stated the game wouldn't launch, and asked if Gearbox was aware of the issue, and if they had an eta or were working on a fix. Well, the response was the forum moderator that was on deleted my post. There was only one other person on the forum at the time, and I messaged him and asked if he noticed, and he said he had, since he had posted in my thread, and the entire thread was now gone 🙂 lol. So I posted again, within 2 min that post also was gone. So I PMed the moderator and asked the questions I had asked in my post, and also why my posts were being deleted (after sending the PM I also created a 3rd post). My 3rd post was deleted, and the moderator then replied and said my posts were deleted because I was spamming, he didn't answer any of my questions about the game however.
    So I proceeded to get into it with this knobend, I won't lie it got a bit heated (on both sides) and some negative things were said. I finally just went to sleep, since this dickhead was deleting everything anyway, and I figured I would just wait until my ticket was answered. Well, I got up the next day, and in checking, I found that a gearbox rep had logged onto the forum, and I had been suspended for, "abusing a moderator." WTF? So I got into a PM with her, and she said all the negativity had come from me, there was still no answer about the game not working 🙂 hehe, and well, apparently the moderator had deleted all our interactions except my negative messages to him. Convenient. I asked the rep about the game being fixed, and she responded by saying I could make inquiries on the forum once my suspension was lifted (it was I think 3 days).
    So, very long story short, I contacted the PR rep for gearbox about the situation (and about trying to get the game I paid full price for to work hehe). He reviewed the interactions, and concluded (no surprise) that I was the bad guy. LOL. So, I threw out some humility, and told him that I definitely had contributed to the interaction being negative, I explained that I am autistic (I'm not shy about my disability) and I can sometimes lose my temper. That got me nowhere. My third e-mail to this guy in our interactions however, had a problem. I received a sending error. Gearbox had blocked my e-mail. I then checked the forum, and my 3 day suspension was now (and this is NOT a joke or exaggeration) a suspension until 2289. So now blocked on e-mail, my support ticket had never received a response, Gearbox has no phone number that they take customer calls from, the only contact I knew of was good ol' Randy Pitchford on Twitter.
    Well, my tweeting with Randy didn't go well. He had evidently already been made aware of the situation with me, and refused to listen to any part of my complaint with his people. He literally told me that customer service had tried to help me, he then made a couple of very off-color jokes about my disability, which, I thought was in extreme poor taste. Of course, despite his rudeness, like everything on Twitter, because Randy is a CEO of a popular game company there are hundreds of thousands of fanboy followers on there to take his side, so as anyone would imagine, the entire exchange certainly didn't go my way.

    Now, despite this poor experience, in light of BL3's upcoming release, I thought to attempt to bury the hatchet with Gearbox, I'm even willing to buy the game on the Epic store (which I REALLY don't want to do, but there is no present day choice). My e-mail is still blocked lol, so I reached out to 2k support, and they gave me several other e-mails to try. I found one that worked, and wrote a fair review of the situation and my willingness to forgive and forget etc, etc, and sent it off. It's been 3 days so far and I'm still waiting for a response, it would be so nice to be able to post on the forum again with the account I have linked to everything else.
    Wow, you read all that? Hehe, well, I am hoping no-one else has had similarly bad experiences with Gearbox, although I know these kind of experiences are pretty much the norm now in gaming, so many companies now could not give a shit about you once you've surrendered your money to them. Hopefully in my lifetime gaming companies start giving a shit about their customers again.

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