Samsung 82” 4k Smart TV Review (UN82RU8000FXZA) Nintendo Switch Owners, Watch Before Buying!

A few things I thought might be useful to point now that I’ve been using this TV for a bit:

First, I was surprised by the level of glare on the screen. For context, I’ve been strictly on projectors for the past 15 years. In fact, this is the first TV I’ve ever purchased in my life. No joke.

My expectations were high coming from the world of projectors, where you really need a dark room in order to view anything. With all the research I’d done comparing LED to OLED, I thought for sure this would blow out any glare since LED’s tend to get brighter than OLED’s.

Compared to a projector, this obviously performs much, much better when it comes to daylight visibility. And keep in mind we live in a westward-facing apartment with lots of windows, so the level of direct light coming in couldn’t be worse for watching anything during the day. We also don’t have blackout curtains, but when we close the blinds it does become somewhat acceptable. If you live in a darker space, this won’t be an issue for you, but don’t expect this (or any TV for that matter) to combat glare completely.

Another issue I wanted to point out for all you Switch owners is this: According to the internet, there’s a known issue where the screen flickers to the point where it renders the Switch unusable, and I can confirm this to be the case. It’s frustrating to say the least.

I noticed this happens consistently when browsing the online store on the Switch, but can’t find a way to stop the problem. One forum suggests users plug ONLY the Switch in, and that that would fix it. It seems to have worked for some people. I, unfortunately, can’t do that since I need to have my 5.1 surround sound system plugged in via the eArc port.

I have found that turning on Game Mode stops the flickering on startup screens and when you’re in the Switch’s main menu, but that does not work for the online store. To browse for new games, I have to physically undock the Switch and use it in handheld mode, which is pretty annoying.

Aside from those two points, this is an AMAZING TV, especially coming from a 1080p projector. Sure, the screen was bigger with the projector, but the level of vibrance here is something I’ve personally never experienced on a home entertainment system I’ve owned. 4K content looks amazing, but be sure to turn off the auto smoothing feature unless you’re a fan of the soap opera effect. I personally find it undesirable, so it’s off on my unit.

We do also notice during dark scenes (especially closing credits) you really notice the hotspots. This TV is edge-lit, so it’s nearly impossible to get consistent coverage across the gigantic display. This is a minor, minor issue in my opinion, and shouldn’t dissuade you from considering an LED TV given where prices are at compared to OLEDs.

The design of the TV couldn’t be simpler. Although we don’t mount our TV, I love how the power cable routes through the TV’s housing itself. It’s just a neat feature that feels well-considered and thoughtful.

The HDMI ports are easy to access, and getting our 5.1 surround sound system set up was a piece of cake.

One last thing I wanted to mention is that this TV is huge. It’s bigger than it seems on screen. Since it’s over 75”, you’ll have a hard time finding a moving box for this if any of you are apartment dwellers or expect to move anytime soon. I’ve looked everywhere online and boxes larger than 75” just don’t exist. My advice is to KEEP. THAT. BOX. We live in a 2-bedroom apartment with no storage, so I was tempted to throw the box out. Instead, we disassembled it (making sure we kept all the pieces and inserts, of course) and tucked it behind the headboard of our king-sized bed in our guest room / home office. It’s a tradeoff, but we’ll be thanking ourselves when it’s time for us to move in the next year or two.

Bottom line, if you’re considering an upgrade to your TV and want something big, but don’t want to spend over $2,500, check out this unit.  We’ve had zero regrets since purchasing it, and would choose this unit again over other units I’ve researched if we were to make the purchase today.

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