44 thoughts on “Soo About Super Dragon Ball Heroes on the Nintendo Switch…”

  1. I started with Android (because they didn't have Human, which was always my go-to class in other DB custom games) berzerker, got up to super god class (basically turned into perfect cell), but switched races to Kai soon after (because I upgraded classes wayyyy too fast on Android, and wanted to do minimum lvl-50 before class changes, to min-max stats).
    Game keeps encouraging me to take down opponents fast (within the first two moves), and spam the heck out of power builds… but I really prefer my battles to be elongated, lasting up to Round 4, at least. Especially in Online VS. Most people's OP deck builds break by R4.

  2. I love building completely wacky teams. The fact that I can have classic Bulma recover stamina for SS4 Bardock is just great. It's great to see that someone else has the same level of energy and excitement for the game that I do. In fact, I spent a considerable amount of time last night creating a team devoted to CI control. Keep my team CI low, keep the enemy CI high. It still needs some work, but it's getting there. Love this game so much, the possibilities are endless.

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