Starsector Review | Explore the Cosmos™ | Ruin Everything™

More gameplay and less ethics than leading brand space sims.

Buy it here:
Or here if site is overloaded:

UPDATE – Developers gave me direct links which should work.
Download links (0.9.1a):

And here’s some alternate download links on my google drive and

Credits to FASTLAND (
for intro and outro theme.

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0 thoughts on “Starsector Review | Explore the Cosmos™ | Ruin Everything™”

  1. Be me. Decide to visit Sseth's website. Somehow end up playing all four mirrors of this video at the same time. Didn't even try to make them start at the same time.

  2. I don't know how to explain it but somehow whenever I encounter the Luddic Path and hear their music I am filled with a desire to destroy.

    Maybe it's because I associated the groaning with tithes.

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