Super Mario Deluxe Bowser’s Castle Playset World of Nintendo Toys

Its the Super Mario Deluxe Bowser’s Castle Playset of the World of Nintendo toys from jakks Pacific! Squirrelstampede toy reviews, unboxes, builds, and tries to beat Super Mario Bowser’s Castle Playset!

19 piece playset, includes exclusive Bowser action figure to match 2.5″ line of Super Mario toys from jakks Pacific. Bowsers Castle features inside 2 Levels of play, trap door, In-Game Sound Effects, Moveable Cage for trapping Princess Peach, Mario, or Toad, and more! Also includes Spinning fireball columns, moving lift elevator, Lava inspired flooring, spiky columns, and plenty of display locations. Mix and Match with other Super Mario jakks Pacific sets! Perfect to stand next to the Mushroom Kingdom Castle Playset!

Found USA retail, Target $39.99

Jazz in Paris
Royal Castles
Spider Juice


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47 thoughts on “Super Mario Deluxe Bowser’s Castle Playset World of Nintendo Toys”

  1. Dude Ive played new super mario bros wii 100s of times and the whole castle, The backround, the music, the play features and even the design is from the game

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