The New Nintendo Switch Review: ‘Mariko’ Tegra X1 Tested In Depth!

Same old Switch, brand new Tegra X1 processor? We’ve imported a new Nintendo Switch from Hong Kong, containing the all-important Mariko processor update. It’s the first model to get the new SoC, with the Switch Lite arriving a few weeks later. So what does Mariko bring to the table? Is extended battery life the only advantage over the existing model?

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30 thoughts on “The New Nintendo Switch Review: ‘Mariko’ Tegra X1 Tested In Depth!”

  1. To be fair, your temperature readings should not be considered accurate. You're comparing an old switch with old thermal paste to a new switch with newer thermal paste. So in reality the thermals are the same on both units which is why the revision chipset is not clocked at higher speeds.

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