The Omega 3 Supplement Scam?

Consider a wide range of information pertaining to EPA/DHA omega 3 fatty acids so you can make an INFORMED decision about whether or not to supplement with a low-dose supplement containing preformed EPA/DHA.

I chose not to supplement for many years and assumed my body would convert enough ALA to EPA and DHA. After doing more research on the importance of EPA/DHA and genetic/lifestyle factors that can inhibit conversion, I decided to take a low-dose supplement that contains approximately 250 mg/day of DHA, plus some EPA.

It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your circumstances.

My Detailed Omega 3s video:

The VegSource Omega 3 Supplement Video:

Higher circulating individual and total omega 3 fatty acids associated with lower total mortality (please note, this study is one of many which contradict one another. It would be a mistake to base one’s entire lifestyle around such inconclusive findings, but I view this as supporting evidence that *reasonable* levels of DHA/EPA in the blood, IN CONJUNCTION WITH A WHOLE PLANT FOOD DIET, is likely harmless and perhaps beneficial due to potentially low EPA/DHA conversion in modern vegans/vegetarians):

Study Indicating fish eaters better protected from heart disease than vegans:

Vegetarians have lower levels of DHA/EPA. This may or may not be a problem. “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Vegans have low DHA/EPA status – similar to omnivores who eat little DHA/EPA – and respond robustly to a low dose supplement (254mg EPA/DHA)

Vegan/Vegetarian men have low but stable levels of omega-3s

Omega 3:6 ratio is 1:10 in vegans, must be improved + EPA/DHA intake.

Human conversion of ALA to DHA and EPA is suboptimal.

Genetic variation in desaturation of ALA to LCPUFA

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45 thoughts on “The Omega 3 Supplement Scam?”

  1. Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a researcher out of Stanford University, has a website and YouTube channel called FoundMyFitness. For a very small donation, $10, the data file from 23andMe may be uploaded to her site and run through the algorithm. It checks for the ability to convert beta carotene, ALA to DHA, vitamin D conversion and so much more. The data file is kept confidential, de-identified and destroyed after a set period of time. Great information to have in the wellness journey.

  2. My doctor knows I eat a Plant Based Diet. I once asked him if I should be concerned about my omega 3 status and have it checked. He told me that my lipids are optimal and I should not be worried at all. I try to keep my omega 6 to omega 3 ratio under 4 to 1. I do not take a dha supplement because it makes not sense to me, I think bad fats are destroying people’s brains.

  3. Lily you are so much the epitome of the 'voice of reason' when it comes to these subject's, which is very welcoming. Low dose supplementation has to be the way to go in our society because you just cannot eat everything you need all the time in optimal quantities. The human race could not have evolved this far if we were that fragile.

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