The Omega 3 Supplement Scam?

Consider a wide range of information pertaining to EPA/DHA omega 3 fatty acids so you can make an INFORMED decision about whether or not to supplement with a low-dose supplement containing preformed EPA/DHA.

I chose not to supplement for many years and assumed my body would convert enough ALA to EPA and DHA. After doing more research on the importance of EPA/DHA and genetic/lifestyle factors that can inhibit conversion, I decided to take a low-dose supplement that contains approximately 250 mg/day of DHA, plus some EPA.

It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your circumstances.

My Detailed Omega 3s video:

The VegSource Omega 3 Supplement Video:

Higher circulating individual and total omega 3 fatty acids associated with lower total mortality (please note, this study is one of many which contradict one another. It would be a mistake to base one’s entire lifestyle around such inconclusive findings, but I view this as supporting evidence that *reasonable* levels of DHA/EPA in the blood, IN CONJUNCTION WITH A WHOLE PLANT FOOD DIET, is likely harmless and perhaps beneficial due to potentially low EPA/DHA conversion in modern vegans/vegetarians):

Study Indicating fish eaters better protected from heart disease than vegans:

Vegetarians have lower levels of DHA/EPA. This may or may not be a problem. “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

Vegans have low DHA/EPA status – similar to omnivores who eat little DHA/EPA – and respond robustly to a low dose supplement (254mg EPA/DHA)

Vegan/Vegetarian men have low but stable levels of omega-3s

Omega 3:6 ratio is 1:10 in vegans, must be improved + EPA/DHA intake.

Human conversion of ALA to DHA and EPA is suboptimal.

Genetic variation in desaturation of ALA to LCPUFA

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45 thoughts on “The Omega 3 Supplement Scam?”

  1. eat your 2 tbsp of groubded flax seeds every day and 6 months later Do the freakin blood test even if its expansive.
    Best way to know for sure.
    PS : I did mine I had a ratio of 3.1/1 — omega 6/3, and gonna do a new blood test in 6 months.

  2. So no one willing to talk about the cancer statistics highlighted in his video? I don't think the issue here is what Jeff wants to do with himself and his family.

  3. Ah the some people comment, at around 10:29, I was like yup, yup, yup, yup. I have them all. For home school experiment we tested with dnafit, 23andme, and vitagene DNA tests. Uploaded latter two into livewello as well for further info. Consistently found I don't convert vit a well. Have several mthfr mutations, low vit d, higher than normal need for omegas and need lower than normal salt. Just to name a few. Listening to your body and what works for you vs main stream advice is very helpful,but we found testing eye opening.

  4. Just a minor comment.. The word "notorious" means that something is famous for being bad . I hear this word used incorrectly a lot. It does not simply mean that something is "noteworthy", or "widely known", which is, i suspect, what people think it means.

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