Wolfenstein Youngblood Is The Second Worst Game I’ve Played This Year (Review)

I was looking forward to this game. It really is a stunning level of fail. It feels like what you’d make if you were actively trying to piss of your core fan-base.

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0 thoughts on “Wolfenstein Youngblood Is The Second Worst Game I’ve Played This Year (Review)

  1. Graphically, at least with characters and facial animation, this looks like a massive downgrade from the previous two games

  2. The writing and all that I saw from that scene that was shown at the beginning felt like the shitty, cringy fanfiction that didn't understand anything about the previous games or the general universe, written by a teenager.

  3. I agree on mostly everything except the white pip thing. Theyre pretty easy to tell, ones a white pip, the others a black square with a white outline. Dunno if you have something up with your eyes or something.

  4. no save right before boss lol that sucks….I was at final boss after a couple of days of gameplay and had a power down in my house,after when the power returned went into the game and it said my save game profile is corrupted and a new profile is created, and so I was at the beginning of the game rofl,motherfucking losers could not predict that this shit could happened and make some kind of fix lol

  5. Man, if there's any kind of female character I relate to, it's the ones spouting painful lines filled with vulgarity and flipping everyone off every five seconds.

  6. Gave it a run and dropped it immediately. As someone that is a twin I literally couldn't keep playing it for long periods of time or even short because I feel the cringe in my bones and teeth and cant stop pausing just to relax from the shit….
    So just decided to drop the game.

  7. Funny. Bethesda must have put a memo out mandating every worker to call their relatives to give this a thumbs down …
    That, or there are even more stupid people in the world then I already presumed.

  8. Watching this review breaks my heart. I had so much hope for this game. Barf bag!!! Really??? Sick burn bro…..I mean sis.

  9. What a shit review.
    Your criticisms are infantile, mysoginistic, and entirely based on your own narrow-minded world view.
    Never watching you again.

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