2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE review | Australia

In this video, Amelia reviews the latest 2019 Land Rover Discovery in the HSE trim and with the SDV6 engine.

With the length of 4.93m, it is a bit longer than the previous Discovery, but the shape of it is much more modern, so the size is not that obvious.

Land Rover offers five trim levels for the new Discovery (S, SE, HSE and HSE Luxury) and each of them is available with the same engine options. A 2 liter I4 diesel, while the second one is a 3 liter V6 diesel.

The Land Rover Discovery is beyond awesome off road. But despite the class-leading off-road ability, the vast majority of Discoveries in Australia will spend most of their days on city streets and motorways.

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37 thoughts on “2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE review | Australia”

  1. Only thing i hate about these land and range rovers is the stupid gear shift knob. only the range rover sport and the new mini discovery have the auto stick.

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