Accepting the Flames – Fire Force Episode 8 Review

That final shot was something I wasn’t expecting. As of late, this series is hitting us in all the right ways with twists and turns we don’t see coming and I love it.
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15 thoughts on “Accepting the Flames – Fire Force Episode 8 Review

  1. Episode eight had me shook I can’t believe death that’s so crazy and I bet you the kidsDid you put the inferno bug in might be just like them. This show, I cannot it’s too much my heart is beating so fast because this outcome I cannot wait for episode 9 and 10.😧

  2. I always liked the concept behind rekka as a mad shonen hero, too stubborn to stop what he's doing and too naive to realize how horrible it is. It's like if you made kamina a villain.

  3. Definitely agree! What an amazing episode.
    Having Dr Stone, Fire Force and Kimetsu no Yaiba airing in the same season makes it the best Shounen season in recent years!

  4. Hoshimya is literally a shonen protag gone bad. Even though he's just one link in this chain I don't know which is worse : Him experimenting (burning) on kids or doing so with the usual Shonen enthusiasm bordering on fanaticism… and betraying/beating Tamaki is just the cherry on top of this awful sundae.

    Shinra's entrance was pretty baddas and for some reason it reminded of Devilman of all things (despite never the original nor Crybaby outside of some extracts)… must be the contrast between his heroic disposition and the demonic imagery used.

  5. At certain death a fiery angel came in and saves her!

    They really captured the look of someone so heart broken and so torn down and battered and absolutely relieved that they were saved by an angel.

  6. When I got to this point in the manga I was completely caught off guard by the fact that this mystery was solved so quickly. It's become one of my favorite things about the series, it just keeps solving things, then asking bigger & more complex questions. Also, the fact that Rekka continues to say stock protagonist lines like "you can do it" makes me hate him even more than if he didn't do that.

  7. I love your dr stone, fire force and demon slayer reviews. And man I also didnt expect Shinra to have such a badass entrance I gotta agree with you there. This show definitely has some good writing and mystery

  8. having read the manga but Tamaki's crying got to me still and holy shit! Shinra curb stomping rekka's face into the ground with no mercy was super satisfying

  9. My friend who's a big fan of the manga was hyping up this episode and oh boy, it didn't disappoint.
    The amount of mysteries in this series is amazing. What are these insects, who is this Evangelist (thanks for more religious symbolism, I love it), what happened to this kid that didn't turn into an Infernal. Great stuff.
    This episode's truly made me disturbed. Rekka is a creepy character, and his voice actor really sells his insanity.
    I wonder whether or not Karim could actually be trusted and become an ally.
    Shinra's appearance was absolutely fantastic.
    Tamaki crying broke me. I didn't expect to be punched in the gut by this series this early on.

  10. Man, Tamaki must’ve been apalled to see someone she looked up to showing his true colors. Also, I liked how Shinra saves her on time. Shinra, Arthur, and Tamaki would make a great trio. Other than that, cool:).

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