Amazon Echo Show 5 | Full Tour

Unboxing, setup and hands-on review of Amazon’s new Echo Show 5 smart display, one of the best Alexa speakers with touchscreen controls and voice support. This is a more compact version of the original Echo Show speaker, rocking a 5.5-inch display and full smart home connectivity via the Alexa assistant.

After setting up Amazon’s new device, we take a close look at the hardware and interface. The Mediatek chipset does a good job of running the latest Echo Show 5 smoothly, while your privacy is maintained via the mic mute and camera cover.

Simply by saying ‘Alexa’, you can command this smart display to stream video via YouTube, play your music with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, and access info from your calendar or online. The Skills base has expanded rapidly, so you can do all sorts – and this is one of the best compact options for the kitchen or bedroom, with better functionality than Lenovo’s Smart Clock and the Google Hub.

You can grab the new Show from Amazon right now here in the UK, for £80.


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43 thoughts on “Amazon Echo Show 5 | Full Tour”

  1. Twenty seconds into the video I had to stop watching STOP TALKING WITH YOUR HAND I'M NOT DEAF and you're trying to sign you're doing a terrible job

  2. I don't have any Echo devices, all I really need it to do is adjust my thermostat, turn on some lights and check my video doorbell and security cameras without having to use my phone or tablet. I have much better devices for watching videos, movies , tv and listening to music. Would the Echo Show 5 be perfect for that? Should also point out that I don't video chat or care how good or bad the camera is. Thanks

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