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Amazon's The Boys: Season 1 Review

Here’s what we thought of Amazon’s The Boys Season 1, premiering on Prime Video on July 26, 2019.

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46 thoughts on “Amazon's The Boys: Season 1 Review

  1. It's like Dark DC movie. The show is really amazing

  2. my only gripe is some scenes are so dark you cant see whats happening.

  3. One of the most thoroughly entertaining and well-made seasons of a TV show I've seen in quite some time.

  4. Why give it a 9 out of 10?

  5. Homelander is unironically one of the best superheroes ever. The writing around him is superb and the acting is unmatched. Truly perfect casting

  6. The whole point of the boys was to show how the superheroes don't care about their antics, adding more of it would make them more nicer which is not the point of the series

  7. Great nuanced characters, unpredictable, fantastic acting and pacing. Best new show I’ve seen in a while.

  8. The Tick died for this garbage?

  9. Karl Urban is the best here in my opinion

  10. This guy is such a Moron I see why he works for ign!

  11. Is this one of those all the critics rate it lower than the viewers- shows?

  12. Butcher and homelander carried the show they were fire

  13. I think it's hilarious that Black Noir just "exists" without saying or doing anything because Batman is just rich and doesn't have any superpowers.

  14. Just watched season 1. I'm just gonna wait till the series ended.

  15. How could anyone could hate this show.

  16. the only thing im pissed about is the role of Simon Pegg, he's a great actor and they didn't use him well

  17. I liked it… 🙂

  18. The super man/cap dude.. isn’t he the dad from that haunting of house hill show?

  19. Homelander along with Butcher and Frenchie are 'The Boys'. Everyone else feel like fillers. Even Hughie start getting boring after Translucent blows up !

  20. I'm waiting for IGN to review Sacred Games

  21. More superhero antics? The mongoloid who wrote this review completely missed the point of the show if all he wants is more explosions and action

  22. First series I’ve binge watched in one day. Absolute quality!


  24. You've shown half the show in this video, fuckheads.🖕

  25. I cant get passed ep 1, always fell asleep

  26. No one seems to be taking about how bad Butcher’s accent is. In about the fourth episode someone referred to him as “that British guy” and I genuinely laughed out loud because up to that point I thought he was attempting an Australian accent badly, not a British one abysmally. Other than that I loved this series.

  27. Everyone I’ve heard from said they hated the romance between Annie and Hughie but for me it was my favourite part.

  28. I just realized it’s practically the Justice League in different costumes, we’ve got:

    A-Train = Flash
    The Deep = Aquaman
    Black Noir = Batman
    Queen Maeve = Wonder Women
    Homelander = Superman

    – Never crossed my mind how unoriginal they really are

  29. Want to see a lot more from Simon Pegg and Giancarlo Esposito in another season, as well.

  30. Never had a reason to sign for Amazon Prime until now!

  31. This is the best series ever.

  32. I feel like homelander is the grownup version of the kid from brightburn

  33. yeah… But bad review

  34. Why simon pegg just get the "Hughie Father" role and i think it will better if he play role as "Hughie". Thats will be awsome to hear two accent british character throwing some dark jokes, just my opinion i hope anyone agree with me 😄😄

  35. I really like this show, the biggest hurdle for me though is that "the Boys" comics is my favorite comic series so getting used to the differences and I dont mean small changes either, Translucent is not in the comic version of the 7 is one of them. Once I got the idea it wasn't going to follow the comic it became very enjoyable

  36. Omg it's amazing

  37. Already better than Netflix’s Witcher. I now can’t wait for Amazon’s TLOTR.

  38. I love this show because it showcases how Supers would be in the world and how image is more important than actually saving people

  39. There's nothing wrong with Starlight

  40. One of the best series I have seen in a while…. Just wish the season was longer then 8 eps… Can't wait for season 2!!!

  41. Wow, spoilers!!!!

  42. It's so tame compared to the comic books. I was deeply disappointed. In times of GoT and Spartacus there is basically no limit to showing what you want to. And I can't comprehend the makers decision to show practically nothing… sigh

  43. After watching this series I realized that Batman had every right in wanting to kill superman in BvS.

  44. Loved the show but would've preferred a movie with all the gore and perverse nature of the comics. And with Simon Pegg as Wee Hughie.

  45. Hands down… That plane scene is unlike anything i have ever seen. It is so ruthless and creative .

  46. Amazon prime video hit this one out of the park. Poor Netflix guys

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