ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX Review – Thunder Bolt 3 on AMD

Here is ASRock’s X570 iTX Solution, the Phantom Gaming TB3, where the TB3 stands for Thunderbolt 3, where they have managed to implement an Intel Proprietary (though extremely useful for some) tech onto AMD’s X570 Motherboard! Also with the 10 Phase VRM, massive heatsink and solid onboard audio (realtek 1220), is it enough to handle a 3900X at 4.3GHz All core? Let’s find out.

Check out the ASRock X570 TB3 Here:
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0 thoughts on “ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX Review – Thunder Bolt 3 on AMD”

  1. And here's me looking at a AM1 board (still boxed) and trying to remember if it will accept a AM2 CPU. This MB will sell loads I think, if you have the budget for the CPU you'll have the budget for the MB. Sadly I don't, not for ITX anyway. I would want my Ryzen 3 full ATX.

  2. I am in the market for an ITX X570 for my Ryzen 9 3900X and I initially wanted this motherboard, but now looking at the fact they use a socket 115X mounting system that worries me a lot. I don't think the CPU height on Intel and AMD CPU's are the same so I am really worried about the mounting pressure on the AM4 socket when using coolers intended for the Intel height CPU's. The fact that you also even can't use your CPU's stock fan on the board is also bad decision IMO since users now have to purchase an Intel cooler to use on their AM4 board. I don't know. I feel ASrock overengineered this board.

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