ASTRAL CHAIN for Nintendo Switch Review – IT’S A TRAP!

Astral Chain Review: It’s a puzzle game with action wrapping between the layers. I expected button mashing action and instead I got a few fun battles and LOTS of puzzles. The story is pretty great and you definitely get enough content for the price of the game.


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9 thoughts on “ASTRAL CHAIN for Nintendo Switch Review – IT’S A TRAP!”

  1. That music is really mad hoes what is called? Searched everywhere I thoughed this video is made by etika the whole video feel like an etika style bro

  2. Such a good game. I’m not quite at the end yet (apparently over two thirds of the way through) but I assume there will be some plot twist that makes me question everything I believed before.
    The whole enslaving aspect seems similar to but less friendly than Pokémon. But I reckon there’s going to be something more sinister behind the scenes.

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