Blair Witch review: An Essential Horror Experience

A fantastic puzzle game hides underneath an interesting, engaging story. There’s plenty here to warrant another look, and if you skipped it before, don’t pass it over this time.

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Note: PC gameplay captured, and apologies for the odd audio glitch at the start of the video. “Honestly, I”… don’t know how that crept in, and we didn’t have time to re-render and fix. Sorry!


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0 thoughts on “Blair Witch review: An Essential Horror Experience

  1. The movie was about a girl who was set up for a murder by two guys. Rewatch the movie bro… nothing really paranormal everything happens when she's asleep but the two guys never noticed apparently at the end of the movie one guy stands in the corner as a distraction so the other guy can kill her. The movie was sinister nothing paranormal about it

  2. i predict the dog dies. And you will end up facing a wall and dying also.

    If I were governor of the state, I'd send a team of at least 30 commandos in armed to the teeth to hunt down this witch, and make sure they never separate and everyone has each other's backs. BW always strikes you from behind. You never get to see her because she is always behind you. Make sure each guy faces a different direction so there's no way she can sneak up on any of you.

    Bring some rocket launchers or grenade launchers for good measure.

    They will also be backed up by attack helicopters from above equipped with infrared vision and will be extracted at night time. Day time operations only.

  3. I spent 45 minutes on that first tent part. I still have no idea what to do it completely ruined the whole thing. I was creeping around freaking out slowly I started running around to the point I'm just running in circles like wtf this is just stupid. I watched the tape I tried to stand in the same spot and run in the direction they were looking about 12 times and idk if I can play the dumbass game now. It lost all its immersion

  4. Just started playing yesterday, and you aren't kidding about " sometimes it's easy to get lost"! A compass would have been a nice addition, just to get your bearings. Chasing Bullet gets you turned around quick!!

  5. While it has some good psychological bits this game bored the hell out of me and i wasn't even scared the odd startle a once or twice but that was I had to stop a but through I was so bored luckily it's on gamepass.

  6. I just started playing this and the tension as you are wandering through the dark forest has me both uneasy and hooked already. It's clearly a story driven experience where the forest tells the story.

  7. Stale and extremely boring storyline that is plagued by confusing and poorly designed game mapping. Expect yourself to spend most of your time lost in the dang forest finding pointless clues with no scare element whatsoever. If you are a fan of spending Long hours doing repetitive clue finding for an anti-climatic ending, by all means please play this game.It’s a joke compared to Outlast.

  8. I just beat the game and i dont recommend it.
    The final 30-35 minutes of the game are the best in terms of tension and horror, aside from that the rest of the game (until that point) just feels like a drag and gets repetitive with its same looping mechanic and becomes more frustrating than actually creepy.
    The setting of the game is fantastic and the lighting really helps make it more immersive for the player, however the game becomes a little too dark at parts and makes it a pain to travel around.
    In my opinion, the story feels very predictable.
    It starts off as a typical "searching for missing person in the haunted place" situation, but by the end of the game, there are still many unanswered questions that feel less like a good mystery and more of a lazy stopping point.
    Unless you have xbox game pass, or you can get this game for cheaper by using other methods, wait for a sale because it is not worth the £25 asking price.

  9. Great another fucking game that is pitch black, what's the point of making your game look good if you freaking make everything hard to see.

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