0 thoughts on “Blair Witch Review – Scary game or just wipe your nose?

  1. I’ve been playing this and it’s just not scary to me. I think an actual witch chasing you in the woods would be scarier rather than all the hallucinogenic mumbo jumbo.

  2. From watching a couple hour long walkthroughs, this is a classic horror. No jump scares(maybe a cpuple but they are more like flash backs), just lots of build up

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  4. 1996: when gay people didn’t want to be labelled (cough*LGBT*cough), border laws were enforced, and you could say there are 2 biological sexes without being deleted from civilisation.
    Ah, the good ol’ days.

  5. Got the $2 game pass for Gears 5 so gave this a try. Not a bad game, used controller and it worked fine. Very short game. Not much replayability. Kind of sucked to find out game tricks you into the evil ending, but at least the dog lived in my play through.
    Ok for a free game but wouldn't buy it myself.

  6. 1:51 God damn, man. You sure are asking a lot for the era we live in. We are neck-deep, in "The Age of Stupidity".

    Buckle up, it's going to get bumpier yet, before it gets any better.

  7. Looks like a teeny German Shepherd. You sure it isn't a Belgian Shepherd? Anyway make sure you get a rescue GS Macketh! Don't be buying from breeders when there's plenty in the rescues!

  8. Maybe they should make a new genre of it. Like you said its more psychological. And thats the point of it. The first movie was also psychological.

  9. 5:20 "I walk like some kind of retard on drugs." I was actually laughing for a good minute when you said this Mack 😂😂

  10. The dog is not a German Shepherd by the way, if you check the phone with texts from the vet, hes a Belgian Malinois, just hope people look up the breed if they like it, its a working breed, not a sit at home do nothing.

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