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Blair Witch Review – Scary game or just wipe your nose?

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38 thoughts on “Blair Witch Review – Scary game or just wipe your nose?

  1. thats not a german shepard, its a belgian malino

  2. So what your basically saying Mack. Pick the game up when it’s half price.

  3. If that dog is a German shepherd, my Belgian malinois is a: "Belgian shepherd German malinois"?


  5. This game would have been better without the Dog.

  6. No one quite reviews games as organized and good as you do! Keep up the great work!

  7. I’ve been playing this and it’s just not scary to me. I think an actual witch chasing you in the woods would be scarier rather than all the hallucinogenic mumbo jumbo.

  8. E3 was a joke

  9. Try Pathalogic 2, It reminded me a lot of old school psychological horror.

  10. I beat it in one sitting, I thought the game would be longer XD

  11. i wish i couldnt catch a cold, id welcome a fat ass if it meant i didnt catch a cold

  12. What are the best pc horror games to play on pc ?

  13. RIP 1996

  14. From watching a couple hour long walkthroughs, this is a classic horror. No jump scares(maybe a cpuple but they are more like flash backs), just lots of build up

  15. Did Mack ever review the Vanishing of Ethan Carter ?

  16. Mack I just got a new pc
    All RGB 2700x ryzen
    580 gpu
    480x board
    Do a video about cool times building PC
    Or tips and tricks for new PC gamers
    Best monitors for 144hz …..

  17. Dude the finale was fucking boring as hell.

    They should of cut it at like 50%

  18. We don't all use WUSSAAD

  19. Blair Glitch. Just spat my fine ale

  20. German Shepherd Squad

  21. 1996: when gay people didn’t want to be labelled (cough*LGBT*cough), border laws were enforced, and you could say there are 2 biological sexes without being deleted from civilisation.
    Ah, the good ol’ days.

  22. on xbox game pass going give it shot this weekend thanks for the honest review

  23. Got the $2 game pass for Gears 5 so gave this a try. Not a bad game, used controller and it worked fine. Very short game. Not much replayability. Kind of sucked to find out game tricks you into the evil ending, but at least the dog lived in my play through.
    Ok for a free game but wouldn't buy it myself.

  24. 1:51 God damn, man. You sure are asking a lot for the era we live in. We are neck-deep, in "The Age of Stupidity".

    Buckle up, it's going to get bumpier yet, before it gets any better.

  25. Change the channel name from "worth a buy" to "worthy of abuse or not".

  26. Looks like a teeny German Shepherd. You sure it isn't a Belgian Shepherd? Anyway make sure you get a rescue GS Macketh! Don't be buying from breeders when there's plenty in the rescues!

  27. can you change mouse sensitivity at least?

  28. 2:22 nice shake there german shepard

  29. I'm not sure that's a German shepherd. It looks more like a Belgian shepherd by the size of it.

  30. that is not a german shepard. I had the same dog that dog actually looks like mine

  31. Couldnt catch a fkn cold 🙂 upvote for this shorty here :p

  32. Maybe they should make a new genre of it. Like you said its more psychological. And thats the point of it. The first movie was also psychological.

  33. this game had so many bugs I had to call "Billy the Exterminator"

  34. 5:20 "I walk like some kind of retard on drugs." I was actually laughing for a good minute when you said this Mack 😂😂

  35. “I walk like a retard on drugs, doing 360s” 😂😂

  36. This just makes me want another Condemned game.

  37. The words the words

  38. The dog is not a German Shepherd by the way, if you check the phone with texts from the vet, hes a Belgian Malinois, just hope people look up the breed if they like it, its a working breed, not a sit at home do nothing.

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