Collecting ROADKILL for Hawk Food 🤢

This vlog channel has a diverse audience. I want to stress that I understand not everyone wants to see a deer pulled apart or butchered for food. So, if you dont like it DONT WATCH. In this episode I make use of a crappy situation after hitting a deer while driving a fire truck at work. I decided rather than leave the deer to rod on the side of the road that i would do my best to harvest the animal for food to feed my pet hawk named Carol. Carol is a Red Tailed Hawk trained in the art of Falconry and as a predatory species she is specially adapted to eating meat that would be unfit for human consumption. This was my first time gutting or skinning a deer so that process was quite long and difficult but i found it to be educational and feel that i did the right thing.
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48 thoughts on “Collecting ROADKILL for Hawk Food 🤢”

  1. Omg how could you post this!! I'm sensitive to content and this just absolutely is far too edgy for YouTube. And no warning?! I'm afraid I'm going to have to go to my safe space and count to ten because this is absolutely abhorent

  2. I showed the part at 10:14 and asked if that's how it feels to give birth, she said "I dont know, ask your grandma" because my mom had C sections with my siblings and I 🤣

  3. Good job Maxx! was listening to Radio last night about the importance of calcium for birds. (some feed our magpies mince/bacon etc here in Australia and it doesn't have any/enough calcium) I'm sure your all over it!

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