Collecting ROADKILL for Hawk Food 🤢

This vlog channel has a diverse audience. I want to stress that I understand not everyone wants to see a deer pulled apart or butchered for food. So, if you dont like it DONT WATCH. In this episode I make use of a crappy situation after hitting a deer while driving a fire truck at work. I decided rather than leave the deer to rod on the side of the road that i would do my best to harvest the animal for food to feed my pet hawk named Carol. Carol is a Red Tailed Hawk trained in the art of Falconry and as a predatory species she is specially adapted to eating meat that would be unfit for human consumption. This was my first time gutting or skinning a deer so that process was quite long and difficult but i found it to be educational and feel that i did the right thing.
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48 thoughts on “Collecting ROADKILL for Hawk Food 🤢”

  1. Hey man, I love what you do and how you make us feel! I just have one suggestion; I have watched you and continue to keep watching you for a multitude of different reasons; side by side vids, Tacoma build vids, parametor vids, your new house vids, carol (falconry) vids, plain old good vibes vids, and the list goes on. I can only offer one piece of healthy constructive criticism: Just make sure to let people know at the end of your videos that you have such a diverse channel. I know that sometimes you make sure to add a comment at the end of your videos that says that you often make some “too random” uploads and that some people who clicked on this particular video may not know that you have other video topics. I suggest that you create a standard speech outro that says something like “make sure you get some work done this week, but don’t forget to live. If you’re interested in power sports, falconry, home improvement, Toyota Tacomas, or more, then make sure to subscribe, press the bell, and look out for the next video. Can’t wait to see you all next time.” Just a random suggestion!!
    Thank you for the inspiration my friend, and thank you for all you do! I have heard you notice a few times on separate videos that you would have expected your channel to grow a bit faster than it has been growing. So, as a social media consultant from Boise, Idaho, who really enjoys your content, I figured I would offer some professional advice! Keep posting!!😊

  2. Isnt there a risk of Carol getting parasites or worms again from eatting the deer? Especially if the deer had like wasting disease or something?

  3. My bf watches these videos religiously and so I thought I’d check it out. I’m concerned lol. But I’m quite intrigued now.

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