Dragon Quest Builders 2 – PS4 vs Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – PS4 vs Nintendo Switch – Side by side comparison, Nintendo Switch vs Playstation 4.
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Nintendo Switch;
Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4;
Nintendo Switch;
PS4 Pro;

Dragon Quest Builders – PS4 vs Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest Builders | Nintendo Switch Play-through

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41 thoughts on “Dragon Quest Builders 2 – PS4 vs Nintendo Switch”

  1. Well, Sony underestimated Nintendo's newest appearance in form of the Switch, and since Nintendo turned their ship toward fully third party support und even allow uncensored adult erotic games (which Sony still don't allow on their system, yes I take as example the "NekoPara" series, which is available on both system, PS4 as censored and Nintendo Switch as uncensored version).

    Don't get me wrong, I do have a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch, but when it comes to multiplatform games, I always prefer the Switch version, even if there are graphically downgrades, because of the mobility and hybrid gaming. Oh I forgot the addition of crossplay with other platforms, if the developer wants to without getting into conflicts with Nintendo.

    I like my PS4, but only for the exclusive games and as my bluray player, with my PSVita I'm able to do some remote play, but that is not really stable due mobile connection.

  2. Switch is cool for those who play protable but for me ( i play at home most of the time) it was nothing special xD it as some cool first party nintendo games but i sold it after months of not touching it 👍 ps4 and pc are wwaaaaayyyy better in my opinion

  3. Sony isn't terrified by Nintendo. They're two very different platforms with two very different player bases. They'll occasionally overlap in terms of content but each provides its own ip that attracts their supporters.

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