9 thoughts on “Elevator…To The Moon Review (Nintendo Switch)

  1. If you have the Labo VR Kit, there's also a VR Mode that was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate recently. It's really fun on courses like Rainbow Cruise, where you can see the obstacle course above your head.

    Also, a dollar for a game like this? I definitely might have to check it out.

  2. Why are you doing an on going streak of reviews of indie games so obscure that nobody really cares about? How about changing up the pace a bit and review a game that people know of, or something that looks interesting, but some people don't know if it's good enough to purchase?

  3. I would think Nintendo would have more green tape for store title approvals. The things that pop out from hindsight, first 3 years after Oculus / HTC Vive release was just a flood of asset flip scam titles on steam. They all were the same, minimal effort gimmick titles that looked exactly like this. So many of them, 50 being released per day never leaving early access… It's what killed interest in VR. NOW, take into consideration and compare him asking the question.. "Is it worth the $14 asking price, no, it's available for ONLY a dollar now" …

    Remember those old TV Infomercials. "How much would you pay? $120 for this Boy George Karmakameleon frog phone? We're slashing that, to ONLY $79, but wait THERE'S MORE! For a special limited time offer You can get the Boy George Karamakamelon frog phone that sings the smash hit song everytime the phone rings for ONLY $19.99"…

    That's marketing for you. None of those games are worth a dollar, for Steam store the tech demos always being marked down from $14.99 to ONLY 99 cents. Why.. cuz they aren't worth $1. It's that feeling as a kid when grandma would buy cheap dollar store toys for christmas, and the kid throws a tantrum.

    However, the real value is WiiViewer reviewing estore shovelware and bargain bin titles. The entertainment value he offers is priceless.

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