F1 2019 Review (see my F1 2018 review for more depth it’s almost the same game)

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0 thoughts on “F1 2019 Review (see my F1 2018 review for more depth it’s almost the same game)

  1. Pinning this to clear up confusion about the Formula 2 season. As I said in the video you can NOT play the full F2 season, then progress into F1, I made a big point about this at 4:13 you only get 3 races and they are all short fillers, it's ridiculous. As some have mentioned you can play the F2 season separate which is totally pointless as you get zero progression, it's like having a football game where you can start in a lower league but can never get promoted, what is the point.

  2. F1 wise I still miss Microprose's Grand Prix Series. It has it all (exept pacecar) and a huge Modding Communuty.
    Nowadays I stick on Iracing because of the Oval-Races. This Gam… uhm SIMULATOR is way too expensive and overrated but the Oval-Series and the (not so dumb) Commununity is worth it. Plus: it's always up to date so I don't have to buy the same Game plus DLCs year after year, after year, after year

  3. I bought 16 ,17, 18 on sale at 15 US dollars each year like I think the AI is way better than what you get from a more serious sim like those games its fun to just purely drive the cars,but you can put it to like 100+ difficulty they fight you and challenge your ability to race the course I play like all the sims I see were people say there doing nothing ,but they're really in a bad position they have to make the game assessable to everyone its very much a fan game like people will buy 2019 because it has the latest drivers people that care less about that will wait a few years to upgrade it's nowhere near like madden though.

  4. I usually just buy one of these every 3 years. Only time it's actually a substantial upgrade. I now have F1 2010, 2013, 2016, and will be getting 2019.

  5. I own both 2018 and 2019 and one thing I don't like about these games is how closely the smaller teams can compete with the bigger ones in career mode. This is tied to your point about being able to select the best team to race for right off the bat. There's not really any sense of progression when I can sign with Merc right out of F2 or alternatively smoke a Merc in a Williams despite the massive difference in development. I scale the difficulty higher and higher but don't see any huge difference, maybe it's more apparent in later seasons but even in the first season there should be a noticeable performance difference between the larger and smaller teams. The academy system is neat but it would be nice if I were forced to race for say Torro Rosso first before I could join Red Bull.

  6. Is this game really worth buying over 2018 if you don't own any F1 games and are trying to get into them? The price difference is massive atm on steam.

  7. WHY DO GAME DEVS PUT IN THESE SHIT CRINGE CHARACTERS I DON'T GET IT. Like, I've made games but it never crossed my mind that I need to make something so barfingly unauthentic. Bizarre.

  8. Thank you for saving me a shit ton of money. And, when you mentioned no VR support, it was 100% NOT being added to my library, and I have ZERO F1 games

  9. Tiametmarduk, Aarava, Hardcore F1 YouTubers give this game a ton of praise than it deserves which is a shame. The whole pre order crap is stupid. The legends edition is not worth a penny. I hope F1 2020 is actually worked on. It's like they don't listen and the worst part is that this game has been developed for two years.

  10. People that like sports games need to stop fucking themselves by buying these yearly pieces of shit. They are absolutely fucking ghastly every single time, completely filled FILLED with microtrannies, probably the worst microtrannie situation in the world.

    I mean, look at NB2k series, an absolute joke. They go beyond even pay to win, they're all pay to enjoy. Just buy a random one in the series and stick with it, and avoid these yearly turds.

  11. "mess for 55 pounds"
    Well this isn't MacOS. We are not apes who need everything ultra simplified. Most people who have the IQ to play games like this will generally be able to find their way through all these settings quite easily. Getting the game just right for your specific setup is vital and you are supposed to take the time for it with every new game.
    Don't agree on the mirrors. Uses a lot of space on screen and the arrow thingies already do the job IMO.

  12. At least it has some sort of story, driveclub is just races, but there is a vr version of that so I guess that's better.

  13. The biggest upgrade since 2018 is by far the lighting engine. Bahrain by night looks so much more realistic than last year's game, it's like they are a generation apart.

  14. Crapmasters are a piece of money grabbing clowns that's why I Mac and I refuse to buy any off their games until they fix online which hasn't been working correctly since 2012. -_-

    So It looks like I'm going to be waiting until 2030 or at least until someone else has the license… they dont care about online because they make a game every year like fifa… at this point I'd rather EA have the license an that's saying something, at least they would do a better job online…🤨

  15. Mack ive just seen another review online saying f1 2019 is not worth the upgrade from 2018. I put a supportive comment on and got trolled by some 'sim racing' fan boy ranting on about bloody lighting and handling in a 55 quid aaa game and i could cry. Ive had it with gaming recently. What the hell is wrong with people? And the day 1 dlc thing is a con. Simple. Imagine if you bought a ticket for the stadium of light for 45 quid and they said you could only watch 80 minutes and had to leave or could pay 10 quid to see the end of the game?! Its bloody madness and it does my head in. Anyway rant iver but i am so angry right now about it! Ive played racing games since geoff crammonds and have loads and get abuse from some noob saying i know nothing as his fat wallet continues to ruin the gaming industry. Im gonna play f1 2018 and love it its a great game. The f2 career is laughable on the new game. Shocking.Sorry guys but i had to splurge this somewhere for my own sanity!!!!

  16. At the end you said that you just want vr, realistic tracks and realistic handeling. You are just discribing a simracing game and thats not the intention of codemasters because they want everyone to be able to play it but have atleast a bit of sim in the game for te people who want it. (Mate just buy asetto corsa and dont complain because you just knew it wasnt going to be in f1 2019). You also basicly say you dont give a crap about anything they added. Driver transfers wich is one of the greatest things they added ever, it is something we always wanted. The f2 implementation in career mode is just 3 races , wich i agree is short, but if you want to play the whole season you can still do that in championship. Multiplayer, dont think you even spoke about that if i think about it now, it has been improved (not massively), but you dont talk about that. The graphics in day time has not been improved that mutch but just go to a night race and see how good that is.

    Ps: im sorry if the grammar or spelling is wrong in some places, english isnt my first language

  17. I stopped buying these codemasters piss poor excuses for games back in 2012 when it was clear that the AI cars were not actually racing on the track but it was an algorithm. I have every race game under the sun on PC and this series doesn't make the extensive list.

  18. If they cared about players they would have licensed engine from someone with proven engine and vr support… and create actually meaningful career on top of that.. just shait as always

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