Figment Review – Is Figment worth playing? (PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC)

Hey, I’m Table 53 and this is my Figment review for the PS4! Figment is a puzzle-platformer on both Steam (PC), the Playstation 4 (PS4), and the Nintendo Switch. This Figment review uses Figment gameplay in the background as well as the Figment soundtrack to emphasise points and provide a better analysis of Figment. This is my Figment review on YouTube. So let’s play Figment and answer the question – Is Figment worth buying?

This is my Figment PC review, but also works as a Figment Nintendo Switch review and a Figment PS4 Review as well – Unsurprisingly, as it’s the same game. Many thanks for watching!

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9 thoughts on “Figment Review – Is Figment worth playing? (PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC)

  1. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video please leave a like or a comment, small actions like that on your part can be a huge boost for smaller channels in YouTube's rankings! And if you can think of any illustrated books that this game looks like then definitely do let me know..

  2. Your video editing, writing, mic and voice quality, and overall production is unbelievably impressive for a channel your size. I am adding you to my list of “go-to” reviewers. Keep up the great work, mate.

  3. I got this on a Humble Bundle and definitely want to pick it up now! Thanks for reminding me that I own it so it doesn't get lost in the sea of bundled indies!

  4. I agree with most of your points about it, it does look very good and the music is cool. The puzzles are all interesting, none particularly challenging, but I guess that could be attributed to how well it was designed. And yes, the voices definitely varied in quality. I don't think any of them were done particularly well, I remember thinking that little bird that follows you around was especially annoying at times. So maybe the writing is partly to blame for that as well. But yeah, the main villain having an odd bro-like accent was… well, kinda odd. The 3D models weren't as good, definitely, but I kinda gave them a break on that one, being an indie development team and whatnot.

    The bit about the levels not being representative of the damaged mind, I could kind of agree with, but I thought the idea was that as you get further into the game and deeper into the mind, it gets worse and worse. Like it was a really deep trauma and the outer parts of the mind weren't affected. But I can kinda see the point, like you hear about it in the beginning of the game and you get out and everything is fine. Maybe they should've progressed the damage a bit more. Like after one or two puzzles, show some kind of disorder happening. For the story, I was under the impression that the dad was in a coma and he was having unconscious fears of dying, but it's possible I misinterpreted that, I only really played through this game once a few months ago and kinda forgot about it until now. The scrapbook can still represent memories, if he's been in a car crash and experienced physical trauma it's possible he was at risk of post-traumatic amnesia. I thought the fears in his mind were more along the lines of general fears that he's had since childhood. And maybe he fears losing his memories of his loved ones the most, but it could be possible that there's no special reason you fight the fear of loss last.

    Again, good video man!

  5. This is amazing, well done, didn't even realize i got dragged into you speaking about a game I will probably never play nor will I watch ever again. Still watched it lol

  6. i wish i had a good enough PC for games like this.

    apart from that i thought this review was great. the best part was when you talked about the story. i am so passionate about story telling and it's sad this game didn't live up to it's potential

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