Forager on the Nintendo Switch was immediately interesting to us here at SwitchUp. Here is our full Forager Nintendo Switch review from the excellent Shannon Glover! Does this Stardew come Zelda mash em up hit the mark? Let’s find out!

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Thanks to our pal Ardetha for helping with the audio – check out his channel!


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33 thoughts on “FORAGER Nintendo Switch Review – STARDEW’S AWAKENING?”

  1. Energy bar? Thanks for the heads up, not interested now. After the experience in Stardew, I'm turned off by these types of games with energy bars. That game was way to hyped, I just want to end my day when I choose, similar to AC.

  2. Stardew Valley never appealed to me, but this game looks like one I might give a try to (whenever I work through my enormous backlog). Thanks for another fantastic review!

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