Fortnite Dire and A.I.M. McFarlane Toys Epic Games Action Figure Review

McFarlane Toys has impressed me so much with the Fortnite line that I had to hunt down A.I.M. and Dire. Their appearance and size just allows them to work in any display, even if it isn’t Fortnite. I just love these things, figures of a property I don’t care about. Good toys are good toys!

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0 thoughts on “Fortnite Dire and A.I.M. McFarlane Toys Epic Games Action Figure Review”

  1. D.I.R.E. = BOX from Alpha Flight! The legs will need some customizing and a paint redo to dial in the colours, but other than that, given the incoming Marvel Legends boxed set this December, we need BOX and McFarlane (I think their version looks better than the other company) has come to the rescue until Hasbro can bring us an official version. Here is a link to an image that is quite similar to the figure:

  2. Actually, at 09:35 it's not the ankle, it's the toes 😉 Yup, animals who have this kind of legs just have very long foot. Or maybe I'm wrong I heard that a while ago ^^

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