Furwind Nintendo Switch Review

Furwind is a retro inspired platformer on the Nintendo Switch. Find out if this lovely looking pixel art game is worth it in our in depth review!

Super Mario Maker 2 Switch Review:

Furwind is a colorful, pixel art style, action-platformer game that evokes the challenging classics of the old days. Embark on this epic adventure in which a little fox will fight the ominous darkness that is invading its world.


The old war between ancestors​ ended with the imprisonment of one of them. Darhûn, who was caged for eras, has been released from his captivity and is ready to take the dark and madness to the forest.

Furwind, a young inhabitant of Moontail, is not aware that soon will go to one of the biggest and most dangerous adventures of his life.​

◤​If you like the classic platform games, colorful pixel art style, an OST that will immerse you and challenging adventures, Furwind is your game!!◢


Guide a little fox in his adventure to defeat the big evil forces that is devastating the Forest.​


Complete the different episodes, exploring levels full of life and color with a unique pixel art style.​


Move yourself by the dangerous areas, fulled with traps and risks wich will challenge your skills.​

₪ Use your powers ₪

The ancestors have blessed you to reach the most inaccessible places, heal your wounds and fire up your enemies.​

₪ Improve your abilities ₪

In Korvo’s Mystic Shop ​you will be able to improve your power-ups and abilities

₪ ​Fig​ht strong enemies! ₪

Defeat the frightening bosses that are destroying your world.

₪ ​Enjoy an awesome OST ₪

Live this adventure with a surrounding and inspiring OST with ambient and atmospherics sound effects that reveal an environment full of life.

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18 thoughts on “Furwind Nintendo Switch Review

  1. Nice little platformer here for the weekend. Not the best we have played but not bad either. Look forward to your thoughts as always, have a great weekend.

  2. Totally my kind of game, and even though a 6 I just know I'll enjoy it, the issue I have is that this developer has done drastic sales on every other title, so a little patience would probably get this for $2.99 or something.

  3. Good job mates; this game will suffer do to all that is coming out these past few weeks. Are you looking forward to Red Faction next week?

  4. Great to see your review Juan! When I hear "frustrating" that's a turn off for me. I will pick this one up when it goes on sale.

  5. I’m glad I waited to buy this one until I watched your review. This is definitely a “wait for sale” type of game for me. Thanks for another great video.

  6. I'm retired in my 40's so everyday is a chill and play games day. Having bought some good stuff on Steam for PC this looks average like you seem to say. Either way thanks for the review so i can avoid it.

  7. Congratulations on your sub count! Been a fan of the Switch since it came out and subbed to this channel quite some time ago! Thanks for your happy greeting and your wish for a great weekend; have been in the dumps myself and look to a fun little game(or bigger game)to distract me from reality! Thank you, and remember that gamers(including boardgame players) never die, they just respawn!👍👍

  8. Looks good though, but the Switch sure isn't short of 2D platformers so the competition is fierce. Come to think of it, this game looks like the little brother of Fox 'n Forests, that 2D platformer where you are a fox who can change the seasons.

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